The Benefits of Email Marketing

We spend the maximum amount of our time surfing the internet. And a large part of that is reading our emails. We carry our mobile phones everywhere and our emails too.

Whether you’re a millennial or a grown-up workaholic, emails won’t spare you anywhere. Because of this reason, organizations rely on SaaS email marketing to boost their business. Whether it is a greetings mail or a product mail, it helps your business survive and thrive.

To get the best out of SaaS email marketing you have to apply the right strategies and some SaaS ads platform like AdBraze, which will help you get the following benefits.

Increase Sales

The most significant objective and benefit of email marketing is that it helps increase sales. Emails keep reminding the customer of your brand now and then. It is an excellent catalyst for impulse buying. 

Moreover, customers feel more connected to the brand by seeing regular emails. You can push the products similar to what the customer last bought, best-selling items, discounts, etc.

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Email marketing is highly cost-effective marketing that is sustainable on a long-term basis. It helps save time, too, and one can reach out to customers at a mass level. 

It is a go-to strategy for small businesses that cannot carry significant marketing expenses. Besides, curating an email- marketing campaign is not a difficult task and is an efficient tool.

Focused content

Email marketing is a perfect way to consistently deliver your message suited to the consumer’s needs. You can tailor the content according to their track record of purchases, likes and dislikes, and pricing preferences. Even the subject line can be changed accordingly. Moreover, it helps a company establish trust and a bond with the customer.

Brand Recognition and Credibility

Big brands send out regular emails to their customers to keep them engaged. This strategy is open to small businesses and doesn’t cost much. It is a cost-effective way to build your brand. 

And if you send out relevant content, it will make you stand out amongst your customers and build credibility. It shows your sincerity in building your business. You can even engage with consumers to take their feedback and make it a two-way communication.

Growing traffic to your site

When you send out great content to the consumers, they will visit your website for more. Regular email marketing campaigns will keep the customers hooked to your content and brand. Email marketing catches the attention when it’s not on the customer’s plan. What should also be done is include a Call To Action Button.  

Value-add to the customers

When email marketing is not forced or spammed, i.e., when a customer subscribes to it, you have an excellent opportunity to make value-addition to the customer. You keep feeding them with insightful content and the right resources, and they will stick around. It is also an excellent opportunity to build customer loyalty.

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Way to build your email and contact list

Over time, as your business grows, you start owning the customer data in the form of more email ids and, eventually, contact details. You either have to buy out the data or reach out to people via social media or direct sales channels when you start. With marketing efforts, you build a repository of contacts.

Email marketing was and will continue to remain an effective tool as it has multiple benefits. If you’re in B2B Saas marketing, many may say that it is dead, but the results continue to speak for themselves for many brands. 

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Several statistics indicate how email marketing remains a strong marketing strategy even today and cannot be ignored. Surveys suggest that 40 percent of B2B marketers, and 73 percent of millennials, prefer email marketing. Several marketing requirements these days can be outsourced. Especially among the startups, it’s often practiced as they prefer to have lean teams initially.


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