The role of NFT in game development

A new stage in the development of the gaming industry will be NFT games that solve the problems of modern games and offer new models of user interaction with game worlds.

Therefore, today we will analyze the main problems that exist today in game development and how NFT will affect game development.

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Problems of the modern gaming industry

More and more gamers are facing problems that make it less and less desirable to return to their favorite games. And the new ones only repel instead of attracting. Among the main problems of gaming projects are the following:

Isolation within one platform. For example, a gamer wants to play a game. He has few options: he can find a hacked version or buy a game in the Ubisoft Store, Steam, or another game marketplace.

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Where you bought, there you played. Even saving game progress cannot be transferred to another platform. Players have been trying to win back the ability of corporations to migrate progress between platforms for many years, but so far to no avail.

Susceptibility to hacking. Most online and offline games can be hacked. If we are talking about an account, then things are much worse here.

Around the game Fortnite, with an audience of about 10 million gamers, a black market has long been formed. Hackers hack into accounts and sell either the accounts themselves or their valuable items. Prices can range from 50 cents to hundreds of dollars, depending on the value.

Ban players. Player cheat tracking technology has been around for a long time. Anyone who breaks the rules deserves a ban. But there is also a mistake: the ban is received by honest players who pump characters, spend time, effort, and money on the game. This also happens and it is very difficult to prove one’s innocence.

Lack of connection with the real world. Usually, games create their universe, which has nothing to do with real life and the player himself. For most games, the pass-and-forget principle applies.

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There is no development of the game itself in them, everything is subject to clear rules: first, you need to upgrade the character, and then the final mission with the boss will appear. And nothing can be done if the gamer wants to measure his strength with the boss and defeat him through cunning and intelligence.

Donations are killing games. Today, developers are clearly “overdoing it” with donations inside games, instead of improvements, bug fixes, and the development of the universe. In some games, there is simply no choice and players have to invest real money to achieve game progress.

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One of the latest high-profile cases on this topic is related to the popular game franchise Assassin’s Creed. The player discovered that in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, fishing can be used to earn good in-game currency. And with the proceeds, you can significantly improve equipment.

But this did not correspond to the idea of the developers. They expected players to buy upgrades with real money instead of using in-game farming options. After that, the developers released an update in which restrictions on fishing appeared and the so-called “bug” was corrected.

Solution: NFT in games

In NFT games, the universe evolves with or without the player: it’s like an online game, but with stronger dynamics and radical changes within the game world. Here are just a few examples of the most interesting games that use the mechanics of non-fungible tokens.

These projects have managed to solve some of the “pains” of the classic gaming industry through the use of NFTs and blockchain. Among the achievements of crypto games:

* Multiplatform. One wallet fits all games. You just need to connect and you can immediately play.

* Security. The process of generating new blocks is built in such a way that it is almost impossible to hack.

* Fair prices are determined only by the players.

* Lack of censorship. It is impossible to block access to the blockchain.

* Achievements in the game can be sold to other players, earning on it.

Therefore, we can say with confidence that NFT games will only develop and close many of the above problems. If you need help with development, then you should turn to Fondly games.

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