Gaming Disruptors: Are Streaming Services Disrupting the Industry

As gamers, we all dream of a time when we are united under one banner and one gaming platform. A place where we can all play regardless of our budget and preferences. A platform that does not require a console or computer, and this dream we haveseems possible today.

The billion-dollar gaming industry has exceeded all expectations. It has overtaken Hollywood and the sports industry regarding revenue, and it continues to grow every year. However, the gaming industry is much like these industries. There are many ways to view movies, series, and sports games segmented the entire sector.

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We have console gamers, computer gamers, and mobile gamers. All of these kinds of gamers require a particular console to play on, and as we all know, consoles need money. However, with the existence of game streaming services, unity is on the horizon for many gamers.

Consoles, PCs, and Smartphones Require Money

Video games are not free, and you are also required to invest in a console, a gaming PC, or a smartphone to play them, making the entire gaming hobby burn a hole in people’s wallets. But game streaming platforms aim to alleviate this problem. Gaming inside such platforms does not require purchasing an expensive gaming computer or a console but only a reliable internet connection.

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Game Streaming Services in a Nutshell

The idea of no consoles is a unique proposition, and many believe at first that such a platform would openly disrupt the market. It did, but only for a  while.

Google Stadia, the biggest known game streaming platform, had millions of dollars in investments. When it was marketed worldwide, people cheered for it and rooted for high-resolution gaming anywhere with an internet connection. The idea of only needing a controller and a device as small as a USB to play games was captivating. But all of it failed during its release.

Plagued with Problems

Performance Issues

Google Stadia failed to secure enough games to be good, which seems like the problem for most game streaming services. Furthermore, the high-resolution gaming was choppy at most, experiencing frame rate drops regardless of your internet connection up to this day. Sure, there were promises that it would get better throughout the coming years, but that seems to be a forgotten dream at this point, as millions of Stadia owners have abandoned it.

A Predatory Scheme

However, it isn’t only Stadia that’s representing the game streaming platforms in a bad light. It seems that every platform is doing the exact opposite everyone wants. From predatory subscription fees to limiting users’ bandwidth and playtime, the list of negatives for gaming’s perceived savior goes on and on.

From a casual gamer’s perspective, it seems that the platform only aims to get as much money from consumers as they can get. For hardcore gamers, the platform isn’t enough to sate their gamer needs.

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The Future Isn’t So Bright

Game streaming platforms are a convoluted mess. There are platforms like GeForce Now and PS Now that are pretty successful in in-game streaming, but they are leagues behind the market to become a disruptor. Some continue to improve on the previous ideas of game streaming, but most of them fail to reach optimal performance that satisfies gamers.

If a million-dollar investment like Google Stadia fails like that, how can other game streaming platforms with much less investment succeed?

Not a Disruptor After All

Many companies should be afraid of such a disruptor in the industry. It’s theorized that custom PC building websites would be worried about such a service because game streaming services can easily remove the need for gaming computers. However, because of how it’s perceived by many gamers nowadays and how lackluster it is, it seems that such websites have nothing to worry about.

Nowadays, gaming PCs still reign supreme in high-resolution gaming, and consoles are trying to catch up with it. The unity and the removal of gaming consoles that game streaming services promise seem nothing more than a dream.

Diversity Is Important

Furthermore, some experts believe that unifying gamers under one flag is a dangerous undertaking. They think that monopolizing the sector can make it stale. Moreover, we all know that gamers care about their freedom of choice. So a disruptor that aims to unify all gamers is not the smartest choice. Instead, we should aim for convenience, which game streaming platforms try to do but fail miserably.

So to answer your question, game streaming services aren’t disrupting the industry. It also looks like that the industry is okay with that. We’ve created a healthy balanced ecosystem where anyone can flourish.



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