Top Guide to Increase your E-commerce Store’s Security

The increasing number of cyber threats prevailing in the cybersphere is posing great difficulty to businesses. Wherever there is ecommerce and trade, the cyber attackers follow and often result in massive losses. As most of the ecommerce businesses todayare facing the security threat, it is the need of the hour to work on it emergently. In this way, several efforts are made to protect your website from attackers.

Even the statistics indicate that businesses, irrespective of their size, experience tremendous losses due to cyber-attacks. As the security guards work to secure the conventional stores working in physical mode, it is necessary to have a strong security plan for the ecommerce stores. As the customers are concerned about their security, the ecommerce websites should also have it among their priority. The amount of sensitive information shared by the users with the ecommerce businesses is very high. Therefore, these stores’ responsibility is to work consistently on their security and keep themselves fortified.

Amidst providing the user an incredible customer experience and working on increasing the sales figures, it is the security that is often ignored. As a result, it leads to a negative rapport in the market and declining resultant figures. It is thereby suggested that consistent strategies should be formulated to overcome the violations to win over the user trust. Many multimillion businesses follow this strategy to grow their business and cope up with any security-related threats.

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Here, we have prepared an entire guide to ecommerce security solutions handy for the business irrespective of their size. These strategies are believed to guard against various types of breaches used by cyber attackers. Let’s quickly dive in and understand the same in-depth:

1. Employing strong passwords: Often ignored by the business considering it foundational, this particular measure holds high importance. Strong passwords will protect and guard you in a world full of scams and threats. It is suggested to keep strong passwords that are a combination of alphabets, symbols and digits. Both upper and lower case letters should be utilized in a password. Other than this, the passwords must be changed frequently to not let the attackers cross in. The admin panel especially should be guarded with a safe and secure password. Creating the most secure website needs a combination of effort and technology, and the foundational measures should not be cornered at all.

Additionally, data breaches are not restricted to small size companies in the e-commerce world. Thus, every business should employ safe practices of using secure passwords to keep the attackers at edge.

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2. Security through 2FA: Two-factor authentication is another popular methodology used to make the existing security better. Amidst the increasing number of threats in the cybersphere, it is required that you guard the site with this method. Even when the attackers crack your password, this will give you an additional layer of security to emerge victoriously through the attack. Multimillion businesses to small firms apply this technique to give their users a great experience, devoid of any security threat. As per this, even if the cyber attacker manages to crack your password, they will have to go through another complicated step to get into your system. This will prevent them from seeping in and stealing the information that may cost you massive amounts.

3. Frequent data backups: Backing up your data is another helpful step that provides you security in ample amounts. As an ecommerce business, you should always be prepared for cyber attacks and strategize to shield them successfully. A combination of tools and technologies employed thoughtfully can bring you positive results. The ecommerce businesses fall into the trap of these cyber attackers, and these attackers lock the business data. Some businesses even lose their entire data in the absence of a strong backup. Strong backup provides support to the business to stand all over again after the attack.

Every company suffers fiscal losses if attacked, yet you can minimize the impact to a great extent. The entire purpose of this measure is to provide a secure backbone to the business. It is suggested to retain multiple copies securely so that the restoration becomes easy at any point in time.

4. Safe and sound transactions: Let’s accept that this is the most crucial aspect for every ecommerce business. It is an important element to both the business as well as the customers. Also, the increasing number of attacks are mostly targeted to steal the payment-related information of the users. The liability should be reduced as much as possible, and third-party platforms for payments can be utilized. 

The ecommerce companies should only utilize the secure channels that are PCI compliant to provide an overall secure medium. Businesses in the online mode demand a robust system to keep hackers at the edge. The user interface should be intuitive and offer individualized customer support at all the point of time. The customers should only be offered the best tool available in the market to make them feel secure and win their trust.

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5. Using anti-fraud software: Various techniques come in handy to design a secure e-commerce website for customers worldwide. Fraudsters and cybercriminals can steal your credit or debit card details and put them to use in whatever way they want to. They can take away your hard-earned money and cause huge damage to your rapport in the market.

It is required that you guard yourself in the ecommerce world with the help of popular anti-malware and anti-fraud software. The application of such software promises a high level of security against fraud and boosts the trust factor of the company. Another useful tool is a secure router

A fraud risk score is given to different aspects, which indicates the amount of work you need to do on your ecommerce website. An effort in a positive direction can help in minimizing the risk and achieving a good image in the market.

6. Guarding the site through ssl certificate: Security-related awareness is at its peak in today’s cyber world. Users do prefer a safe and sound environment and select only the same for ecommerce as well. It is the need of the hour to work on security and move towards an enhanced security approach. SSL Certificates are a very popular and widely recommended tool in this direction. Even multimillion-dollar companies today are utilizing this tool for their good. These certificates are available in numerous types and forms. Some of them, like RapidSSL, AlphaSSL, and Comodo SSL, has established an impressive image in the market over time. It is suggested that you gather information and make a purchase as per your requirement.

SSL Certificates are based on HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP and prevent the data from interception. It has become the need of the hour and has been an immensely important component to remain secure as an ecommerce business.

7. Updated versions for better security: Apart from the facts mentioned above, ecommerce website security depends largely on the level of updates you do regularly. Stay updated in today’s competitive times to seize the security aspect and have a longer stay in the market. Gaining the user’s trust is certainly tricky, and with the blend of efforts and technology, it can easily be achieved. Furthermore, make sure that the software and applications employed are not in the older versions as there is a constant risk of cyber attacks in those cases. With newer updates, the security is always improved, and it should therefore be an integral part of the platform.

Some bots are largely utilized by the cyber attackers and scammers active in this field and keep track of outdated websites. Such websites are usually the first ones to fall into the trap and lose their reputation quickly.

8. Invest in training the employees: Let’s not forget the importance of your employees to make the website secure and operate safely. Training and educating the employees working as a currency for any ecommerce business will bring great results. Timely training the employees helps them in taking great measures towards the security of the website. They can understand new tools and technology and implement them for the betterment of the company. Employees should regularly participate in informative workshops arranged by the experts to keep themselves aware. Many companies organize a certain number of training sessions for the employees to work efficiently to maintain the security level as required.

Ecommerce businesses should look at it like an investment that will help them achieve great results in less time. Efficient employees can mitigate in case of a serious threat too. It is therefore important to have a team that undergoes training regularly.

One caveat is to avoid becoming too complacent. Even with training, employees may make mistakes or fall victim to phishing and social engineering attacks. It is wise to employ preventative security measures like Privileged Access Management (PAM) to ensure privileged access accounts are not compromised and sensitive data lost. Consider it an extra layer of protection in your risk management strategy. 

9. Stay alert: Do not take the security aspect for granted. It is a constant need in today’s times to stay updated and alert in the cyber sphere. Do not fall into the trap of scam emails or alerts. Staying vigilant is going to be the most useful key to avoid any such trouble. It is seen that small businesses do not pay enough attention to this aspect and then pay off massively. It is required to stay alert from the initial stages and have an expert team by your side.

Apart from this, e-commerce website security revolves around the level to which you are dedicated to protecting yourself in the cyber world. Do not take this aspect lightly and invest in good resources that help you in timely estimation.

10. Emphasis on user awareness: The efforts for maintaining security should not be unidirectional. One should make every possible move to educate their clients as well. This is important for their own sake so that they can protect themselves in the cyber world too. For a fact, clients appreciate such steps too. This particular measure has become a regular practice in the most reputed businesses throughout the globe. As a business, you can organize small tours and training in a virtual mode to teach them a little lesson on security. This is going to remain with them in the long run and will be praised too.

It is a proven fact that to protect your website from attackers, it is required to take all the useful measures on the platform and have an aware community. Customers can be given a quick workshop on minimizing the risk on the e-commerce platforms to avoid any attack in the future.


As we are progressing in this fast-paced world, security-related threats are also increasing day by day. Estimating the risk timely is one of the smartest moves you can take in this field. To timely manage, it is another serious art. Ecommerce businesses often ignore the security aspect and give their hundred percent to the design and creation aspect apart from marketing. This is not appreciated in the field of security. You should constantly make efforts and use new technologies with time to have a top-notch security game. Appropriate attention to the business and security will make it climb up the stairs of success in no time.


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