Warzone: Going Back in Time

The Biggest Update To Date

Season 3 brings us the biggest changes we’ve ever seen in the game. Between the new battle pass with the new operator Wraith, two new guns, PPSH-41 and SWISS K31. There’s a new “Hunt for Adler” event that will reward players who completed all the challenges with the new Adler skin. But the biggest change that happened in the game, as you may know, is the nuking of Verdansk. The first of two maps got completely destroyed and became unavailable for some time.

Since then, the developers revived the city by shoving all players of Warzone into the time machine and sending them back to 1984, figuratively speaking. The version of Verdansk in 1984 is not the same city as we all love and remember. It still the same city, and you will be able to recognize some of the places on the map. Nonetheless, a lot of things have changed, starting from the lighting. The current season of the year is set to Spring. Quite a few locations got updated on the 1984 version of the map, and some brand-new locations have been added as well. Most notably, in the place where the Dam used to be, there’s now a Warzone version of Black Ops’s Summit map. Now the west side of the Airport that led up to the Dam was just an open area with no structures on it, but now there’s the old mine area which offers a bit more cover that allows your squad to regroup if need be.

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Consequences of Merging Two Eras

There are many more new or reworked places on the map, and it’ll take fans weeks to get used to the old-new environment. The merging of the two games didn’t end with the map. As you can imagine, the operators from the Black Ops and Modern Warfare can now officially coexist on the same map because the devs managed to explain that in the lore of two games.

That also means that all modern weapons now coexist with the Cold War-era weapons. Of course, those that were in both games just got an updated model. This amount of new content is going to keep us all entertained for weeks, maybe months.

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