What Does a Proxy Hide : a Complete Guide

The internet offers fantastic possibilities for everyone who uses it. You can use it for work, schooling, shopping, banking, or e-commerce. You access a lot of data and share the same as well. The one thing you need at all times is total privacy. You may also want anonymity and security when online. SEO proxies offer these benefits and so much more.

Let’s delve into the topic in a little more detail below.

What Is A Proxy?

Think of a proxy server in the same way you would a security guard. Before you gain entry into a building, he will frisk you. If you are carrying any bags, they will undergo some level of scrutiny. The aim is to ensure that you are not carrying any harmful items such as weapons, drugs, or contraband.

what is proxy server

What is proxy server

When you are in the digital space, you access many websites. Within this website are hackers or cybercriminals. Such unscrupulous individuals want to steal your data or gain access to your information.

Here are some statistics that show how bad the situation is. Cybercriminals attack on average, every 39 seconds. One out of three Americans will feel the impact of cybercrime every year. Most attacks are attributable to weak passwords and usernames. Experts estimate that by 2021, up to six trillion dollars will go into cybersecurity.

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Online security starts with you, and that’s why you should invest in a proxy server. A proxy server is that security guard on the digital space. It forms an intermediary between you and the recipient’s sites.

In the simplest terms, this is what happens when you browse the internet.

  • You type in a request for a particular site
  • Your request goes to the intended recipient
  • The receiving browser sends back the information to you

Within this communication flow, hackers are on the lookout for access or areas of vulnerability. If you have a proxy server, it sieves the data and filters out any harmful content. It is a firewall that keeps out the ‘bad guys’ and ensures your protection while browsing.

So Exactly How Does A Proxy Server Work?

In the same way you have an address for your house, so does your computer. The IP or Unique Internet Protocol address is the place where the internet sends your data. Your proxy server is like an internet computer with its own address. Your requests go through the proxy, which then forwards the same to the target website. The target website’s response must also go back through the proxy gateway first.

what is proxy server and how it works

What is proxy server and how it works | Image credit : temok.com

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So, What Does A Proxy Hide?

A proxy server hides:

  • You – by allowing you to browse anonymously while offering privacy
  • Your data – through encryption so that hackers do not have access to it
  • Your location – by hiding your IP address, you get to conceal your location.

Other Benefits of Proxies

Other than filtering out any harmful information, proxy servers provide additional benefits. So what are they?

Access to Location-Specific Content

You may be an avid fan of Netflix. You know that due to your country location, you cannot access some content. It can be incredibly frustrating if there is a show you want to watch. A proxy server can help bypass such restrictions.

Restriction of Internet Usage

A proxy server within the home setting will help parents restrict and monitor internet usage. If you do not want the kids accessing particular websites, use the proxy configurations to block such sites. The same applies in an office setting, where you may wish to place restrictions on your employees’ internet activities.

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Better Speed and Proper Bandwidth Utilization

Proxies cache information, so when you’re browsing, you receive information faster. It is especially useful for organizations or schools that use specific websites. It saves the search history resulting in better utilization of bandwidth and faster speeds.

Anonymity and Privacy

Some proxies will hide or change your IP address resulting in anonymity while online. Such are especially beneficial if you’re using public Wi-Fi.

Types of Proxies You Need To Be Aware Of

Proxies work in different ways, and that is why it pays to know the different types:

  • Transparent proxies show the original IP address and identify themselves as proxies. They do not give you anonymity but are excellent for caching and content filtering.
  • Anonymous proxies hide your IP address but identify themselves as proxies. You do get some level of anonymity, but you may still be detectable.
  • Distorting proxies identify themselves as proxies but hide your IP address. They may change it to an incorrect one, thus giving you privacy. They are excellent for getting around the content restriction.
  • High anonymity proxies will not show the original IP and do not identify themselves as proxies. You get anonymity, security, and privacy when online.

The Other Side of Proxy Servers

It would be remiss of us to omit the flip side of using proxy servers. There are certain risks to them, and such include:

Free Versus Paid Proxies

There are free proxies you can easily access online. With free things, you must be realistic about what you will get. You may need to compromise on aspects such as encryption and performance issues. You must also be careful that what you’re signing up for is legitimate and not from hackers.

Proxy Server Data Access

Before signing up to any proxy, read the terms and conditions carefully. The server maintains your request information and IP address. They also have access to your data and unscrupulous ones can sell it.

No Encryption

Do not sign up for any proxy that does not offer encryption. Otherwise, your information will go out as plain text, so zero privacy and zero data security.

Final Thoughts

So, what does a proxy hide? The answer is you, your data, and your location. You get to browse anonymously, secure your data through encryption, and can hide your location. You also bypass restrictions around content and can monitor internet usage at home and at work.

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