How to spy on someone’s text messages without his smartphone


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We live in an era where people text more than they talk. It is also a very popular mode of constantly staying in touch with people without raising suspicion.Texts are not just normal texts anymore, they have been enhanced.

A text is now compatible with emoticons, gifs, video messages, and whatnot. With all service providers offering unlimited message options, messaging has become an extremely popular way to communicate, even more popular than calling.

With smartphones having advanced ways of messaging that make it more interesting like smileys, video compatibility, etc., messages are extremely preferred. The popularity of messages makes it a very vulnerable mode as well.

If you are seeing your loved ones always pouncing at a message beep, there might be a problem that you should address. A lot of spy apps have been developed over time that can give you access into someone’s inbox.

Let’s have a look at the top spy apps that have attained an industry reputation based on their performance and safety:

1. Minspy

Minspy allows you would to find out how an app can gain an access to someone’s messages, even before they are deleted by the user. In fact, you can see how someone is deleting messages and hiding things from you.

Minspy is the most efficient solution to spy on someone’s text messages solution. It has attained a very loyal fan base by virtue of its functions. The web based app makes it easy for users to register and handle.

What makes Minspy more special than other spy apps? Well, there are many reasons. It has one of the most convenient dashboards and interfaces that a spy app could have.

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Stealth Mode like no other

The stealth mode of Minspy is another super feature. You can spy without the risk of being detected or caught in the act. It allows you to retain your virtual invisibility, while you can literally rummage through the contents of someone’s phone remotely.

Absolutely no Rooting or Jailbreaking

The app does not need any rooting or jailbreaking, a practice exercised by most spy applications. Further, it retains the strategy of minimum information. Just an email is required for set up, no extraordinary details are sought from the customer.

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There is less spread of information and lesser chances of the secret to come out in the open. Rooting and jailbreaking through the target device is the root cause of apprehension amongst spy app users. Minspy completely caters to this issue.

Key Features

There is a lot that Minspy has to offer than just spying through someone’s messages. The app can do quite a lot in a way that it can show you someone’s GPS location as well. You can see someone’s iMessages, emails, notes, apps on the phone, etc.

Further, with the very fabulous keylogger feature in place, you can even see things and messages that didn’t quite materialise. Confused? Well, you can see all the vital keystrokes that someone makes on the phone. Even if they delete a text, you will be able to see it.

You can see the truth first hand on Minspy’s dashboard.

Spy on text messages


When spying on someone’s messages, you can’t rely on any newly launched app with no reputation. Minspy maintains a large customer base because of its features and functions. It is the perfect app with a solid base and standing.

All these facts about Minspy ensure that it is a very reliable source for spying. It doesn’t get you caught in the process and it doesn’t put your personal information and data at stake. For all these reasons, Minspy is a major leader in this race for spying on someone’s messages remotely.

2. Spyier

Spyier is a spying giant for a reason. The application enjoys a very cosmopolitan user base. It has all leading functions that are expected out of a spy application. It is very efficient and secretive in its conduct. From stealth mode to adequate spying features, the application is very conclusive.

3. Spyine

Spyine is a very reliable, trustworthy and dynamic web based spy app. Spyine allows much more than spying on someone’s messages remotely. It allows complete access to someone’s phone. It practically enables cloning of the smartphone of the target user.

4. Spyic

Spyic is a renowned name in the spy industry. The spy app offers a lot of good functions and features. It also has an inbuilt stealth mode that makes spying very safe. It is compatible on both Android and iPhones. It also has a very responsive customer service.

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5. Neatspy

Neatspy has a very neat interface. It is very convenient to use and users can feel at ease with its functions. The app garners a lot of user attention and confidence by virtue of its performance. Even first time users feel very comfortable in using the app.

6. ClickFree

This is a very good alternative for spying on someone’s messages. It ensures a secured set of procedures for secretive spying. The stealth mode is superb, and so are the additional functions. It poses a great competition to other popular spy apps.



When looking to spy on someone’s text messages, many options are offered. There are a lot of features and functions that these apps have that make the spy process totally undetectable.

While there are other spy alternatives, Minspy stands out of the crowd since it is well recognized and trustworthy with its functions and features. By the above alternatives, you can make a well suited decision.


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