What graphic designers should know about SEO

By Georgina Florence – The high level of competition that exists on the internet may make it difficult for graphic designers to get recognition and credit for their work in this field. In today’s digitally connected world, particularly in the graphic design industry, no matter how good your designs are, you must sell them to the right people who are likely to be interested in your graphic design services.

When implementing search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to boost the amount of exposure your graphic design portfolio gets on the internet, it is likely that you can attract more clients. Here are a few recommended SEO strategies and techniques that have been advised by some experienced graphic design professionals for recruiting extra graphic design clients.

Designing Mobile Friendly Visuals

Smartphones have become a vital part of our everyday lives in recent years, with virtually everyone now possessing one of these devices. People are increasingly using their smartphones to perform online searches for visually appealing graphic design work, making it critical that any design generated is also mobile-friendly. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you won’t get as many visits as you would otherwise. Take use of following helpful suggestions and techniques to make your graphic designs more mobile-friendly.

  • Consider how your website will appear and work on a mobile device before you launch it.
  • Optimize the speed with which your website’s pages load.
  • Concentrate on the responsiveness of your blog.
  • Pop-ups shall not be allowed on your website at any time.
  • Make advantage of typefaces that are optimized for mobile devices.

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Link Building

You will get a backlink for your graphic design portfolio if some other websites add a link to your site on their site. Backlinks help your website become more visible on search engines, and this is a good thing for you and your site. You’ll get a better Google ranking for your graphic design blog the more backlinks you have from other well-known graphic design websites that link to your blog.

This will help you get more people to come to your business. Check out the link-building strategies below if you want your site to have a long-term effect on your visitors.

  • Create valuable content that other people will be willing to share.
  • Develop relationships with bloggers who are well-known in their fields and who are known as experts in their fields. This might encourage them to add a link to your portfolio on one of their website posts.
  • Make sure your website’s content can be found through links from other websites. You can design your work to appear on some of the most popular blogs on the web.

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Design a structure that is readily scannable

Many websites and applications are being used by people, but no one reads every word to get a full understanding of your business. All that matters to them is what kind of design structure is on display. They select whether to remain or leave based on the design’s influence.

Various analyses on user eye-tracking patterns have been conducted, and three popular ways for scanning a website have been identified because of the findings of these studies.

Zig Zag Pattern

A frequent design feature that can be seen on a substantial number of websites and is utilized on a large range of web is the usage of zig zag pattern. It enables users to have more room for images and other information while keeping their eye-tracking activities on their computer screen.

F Pattern

This design pattern is being commonly used by many graphic designers. When utilized in combination with the visual hierarchy, this pattern will assist in the creation of an aesthetic design that has a human touch to it.

Z Pattern

In general, web designers avoid using the Z Pattern since it reduces the amount of space that may be used for integrating text and pictures on a page, which is undesirable. You should only utilize this strategy if you are certain that the amount of material available will not be adequate to satisfy your requirements in the short term.

Be Relevant

Optimized content on your graphic design blog is the most efficient technique for being found and establishing trust, but you must also make certain that you are communicating the relevant information to the suitable audience to achieve success. Instead of just posting your design work on your blog, you should provide some relevant content as well.

  • Develop a few paragraphs of content that is connected to your design.
  • Avoid stuffing your content with a disproportionately large number of keyword terms.
  • Go through your content one more time to verify that you’ve included all the important keywords and phrases. When you update your content, there is a great opportunity to make important changes to it, such as changing some keywords. 

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When you open a web browser, you’ll see a 16×16-pixel icon next to a site’s name in the menu bar. This icon is known as favicon.

It’s so small that many people forget about it, but having a beautiful, customized favicon is very important. The display of a beautiful logo of any business or firm in the search bar of a web browser is a distinctive and yet effective way to spread the word about them.

Favicon helps you by:

  • Making your website look professional.
  • Making your site easy to find.
  • Making your site stand out from your competitors.
  • Building your company’s brand and awareness.



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