How to allocate the budget for application development in 2022

While using apps, not so many people question themselves how much it costs to develop such an app. In most cases, they just pay attention to some flaws, bugs, and design imperfections. Of course, behavior like that is apparent. But not until they come across the need to develop an application for their own business or company. And there are solid reasons for that.

Mobile application development is an advantageous direction for businesses, so more and more entrepreneurs are interested in this service. Moreover, they recognize the need for their own application, so they include the cost of developing a mobile application in the budget. We talked to experts and found out more about the Mobile App Development Services OTAKOYI company has to offer and its recent cost of it.

Which target audience is concerned by an application?

An application for a mobile device is created for a certain target audience, so the entrepreneur, together with the development team, must decide on a strategy in advance. You can choose to write the code natively so that the app will work on a specific Android or iOS platform or a cross-platform option that will work on two platforms. Each approach has its advantages and disadvantages.

However, first of all, you should determine what real problem your mobile application is going to solve. Why would your program be the best solution to this problem? Or maybe a mobile-friendly site can handle this problem? Will it be as good a solution to the problem or even better? You may not even have to ask the question of how much mobile app development costs.

Suppose the answers to these questions come immediately. In that case, we also recommend thinking about what devices your target audience uses, which operating system prevails and whether it will be a native or cross-platform product. The social and demographic characteristics of your target audience are also studied because progress begins at the beginning of development and not at the moment of the release of the project and not even at the beginning of the development process itself.

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iOS applications

If you choose iOS app development, a native method of development is used, followed by placement on the App Store. The store’s audience is characterized by a higher loyalty to developers and a willingness to spend more within the program.

The difficulties of developing an application for this platform are stricter moderation in the store and no direct access to user contact information, which makes feedback more difficult. Depending on the functionality, the cost may be 20-30% higher than on Android. The price of mobile application development for this platform starts at $6,000 (an average, not complex app will cost between 6000-12000 dollars).

Android applications

When you opt for Android app development, the program is developed using the native method and is placed on the Play Market platform. The main advantage is a large user base – more than three billion active accounts worldwide, who are ready to pay attention to millions of programs in the library every day.

Among upsides, there are: many libraries that can be used and easier moderation on the marketplace side, which means faster development compared to iOS. A downside is the large number of different phone manufacturers and models, which complicates the testing process. The cost of Android application development starts at $5,000 (an average, not complex app will cost between 5000-10000 dollars).

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Cross platform applications

A cross-platform approach to creating an application is used in case you need to place a mobile application on both platforms at once and you do not want to develop two separate apps.

It is, of course, better when one team is hired for the implementation of the project, which will reduce all the costs. At the same time, the reach of the target audience is increasing while the resources are considerably saved. The use of a cross-platform approach is justified in cases where the project does not require a large number of native components. The method can be used for both large and small projects.

What influences the cost?

It is basically impossible to give an exact answer to the question, “how much does it cost to develop an app.” Nevertheless, there are various factors that impact the final bill. Let’s go over them.

  • Application complexity

When it comes to complexity, we imply not only the development part but also the design complexity. There is no chance to create a competitive and efficient application without a professional UX and UI design. So, we would not recommend you to save on this.

  • Platform you choose

As it was mentioned before, the choice of a platform may significantly influence the cost. Our advice is to choose the platform not due to price but according to your target audience and expectations.

  • Industry

The industry you represent may also influence the cost. It is explained by the fact that different industries require different functionalities. Thus, the overall cost may vary. Although, you need to correspond with your industry’s specifications, so do not let your budget decide.

  • Team size

In most cases, you would need the whole team to manage the app development. Depending on the rates per hour of each specialist, you may also figure out the cost:

  • Project Manager: $30-120
  • Business Analyst: $30-75
  • Architect: $35-140
  • Developer: $20-120
  • QA specialist: $15-80

Rates range so much as it all depends on their expertise.

  • Hosting expenses

Of course, you will need to store your data on some server. Considering the size of this data and server type, the cost may differ between $500 to $4000 per year.

  • Marketing

Keep in mind that your product does not get easily on the market. It is not enough just to place it on some platform and wait for it to succeed. The prices in terms of marketing vary significantly as it all depends on your goals, target audience, platform, need, etc.

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Wrapping up

There are so many points to cover this topic that this article is just a drop in the ocean. Our point is that the best way for you to define the final cost is to contact a development team, like Otakoyi, and ask for a consultation, and they will provide you will more precise estimations based on your project alone.

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Each application for any business is a unique project that is evaluated directly at the planning and prototyping stage. Now you know exactly how the price is formed and what affects the final cost. If you want to know how much your project will cost and how best to implement it natively or cross-platform, you can leave your request and wait for the manager to contact you.


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