Why You Should Focus On Your Re-Engagement Email Campaigns In 2022

By Kevin George – One of the biggest changes we felt as email marketers in the last two years is the rate of digital adoption and subsequent email marketing boom. A lot of new entrants bombed inboxes which took the total daily messages received on average to 126 this year. However, most of the new businesses may not have dedicated email marketing strategies, and their efforts will start decreasing gradually. On the other hand, it had also posed challenges for existing email marketing campaigns due to flooded mailboxes. Thus, both new and old brands need to focus on “re-engagement” emails to continue enjoying decent ROI like in the past. You can find free HTML email templates, but having a vision will play an instrumental role in kicking off your re-engagement campaigns. In this article, I will cover the basics and importance of re-engagement emails to help you thrive in 2022 and beyond:

Re-engagement Emails -The What and Why

No matter how great your email strategy is, there will be a section of subscribers who just cannot feel connected with your messages. They would slowly start engaging lesser and lesser with your emails, becoming nearly dormant as leads. This subscriber group is categorized by low engagement, but they still happen to be in your prospect zone, and you want to make a last effort before discarding them from your mailing list.

The emails directed towards bringing this subscriber group into the high engagement category are known as re-engagement emails. This is done by identifying and solving their pain points through thoughtfully crafted emails. This is, of course, easier said than done, but it is indeed important to fix the leaks in your sales funnel. The cost of lead acquisition and opportunity costs could turn out to be the biggest combined factor behind your low market share, so make sure you leverage re-engagement emails properly.

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Benefits Of Re-Engagement Emails

In this section, we will go through the advantages of re-engagement emails that make them necessary for every brand. This will give you a better understanding of why you should use them in the first place and where they fit in your entire email marketing strategy. So before you choose your free HTML email templates, have a look:

It Prevents Subscribers From Becoming Dormant

Firstly you should understand that even if a subscriber isn’t opening your emails for a long period but hasn’t unsubscribed, it is likely that they still consider you relevant. But not relevant enough to open your messages. This is the thin line that you need to understand properly. Based on your understanding, you can send re-engagement emails that can contain personalized reminders or special offers depending on the period of inactivity and their regular purchase habits before inactivity. In many cases, the subscriber may want to reduce the mailing frequency, and that’s it. This way, you can save your hard-earned lead from turning into a dormant subscriber who needs to be discarded.

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It Helps You Understand The Customer Persona That Doesn’t Engage With Your Emails

One of the best advantages of re-engagement emails is that you can figure out the type of buyer personas that can’t connect with your brand despite any amount of effort that you put in. It can turn out to be a great learning experience, and you can tweak your lead generation efforts to not target such people. Thus, you can use the exit interview results to supplement your strategic planning for acquiring subscribers saving time and money in the future.

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You Can Use Re-Engagement Emails To Make Quick Fixes That Can Retain Subscribers

As discussed above, many times, it needs to retain a disengaged subscriber by merely asking them and fixing little things. This can be as simple as falling down your mailing frequency to their desired number per week/month. While in other cases you can offer some discount or even free shipping to make them happy. But remember, many people join mailing lists and go inactive only to receive such officers. Thus, you need to involve some payment upfront before they can materialize your accounts instead of giving away freebies.

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Know Why The Customer And Your Brand Weren’t A Good Fit For Eachother

It is essential that you take the decision of discarding dormant leads from your mailing list after ensuring that you tried enough to engage them. If you fail to do so, you will suffer in terms of email deliverability. But the biggest disadvantage is the fact that these uninterested subscribers will continue to provide you with insights that aren’t at all relevant to your overall strategy. They will keep skewing your email metrics and ultimately lead you to make false strategic moves. But before you discard them, you can ask them the reason why they didn’t find your emails worth their attention while helping them unsubscribe. A lot of people would be happy to provide you with the exact reasons and thereby help you understand your email strategy and communication game better.

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Wrap Up

In the end, I would like to tell my fellow readers that re-engagement emails are important not because they help you retain your leads but because they serve you marketing lessons. The insights generated through these emails will tell you a lot about your target audience and how well your email strategy goes with them. These learnings can help you become a better email marketer and run your campaigns with greater chances of success.


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