Why Do You Need to Check Customer Reviews ?

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More than 70% of Internet users read other people’s reviews before making a purchase in an online store or ordering a servicefrom a particular company. User reviews have a positive effect on conversion rates and are simply a must for any online business. What role do customer reviews perform; what benefits can they bring to your business, and how to monitor them in the most effective way? Let’s dive deep into these questions further in this post.

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According to recent research data in the field of e-commerce:

  • 63% of users are more likely to make a purchase in an online store that has reviews from real customers;
  • 86% of people say they trust other people’s reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations;
  • the availability of reviews about company products from the product catalog leads to sales growth of about 18%;
  • customer reviews are about 12 times more credible than manufacturer descriptions.

All these arguments should serve as solid proof that working with customer reviews is worth your time, investment, and effort.

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SEO Benefits

Apart from bringing new clients to your online business, customer reviews positively affect search engine optimization. In particular, we are talking here about the attitude of search engines to your mobile app or site. In this context, the benefits of having customer reviews will be as follows:

  • Additional unique content – Texts on product pages usually contain descriptions from manufacturers that are not unique and are duplicated on many other sites. User reviews are a great way to increase the amount of unique content on these pages and improve their ranking in search results.
  • The growth of conversions for low-frequency queries – Such queries are especially popular in the niche of computer and digital technology. The presence of such information has a positive effect on the growth of search traffic for such requests.
  • Rating of the product in the search – The rating from the product page displayed using micro-markup and in search results increases CTR in search results; the number of user clicks and ranking raises as well. Typically, this rating is displayed as stars and is based on user ratings of the item.

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Based on the above, it is essential to get customer reviews and track them on a regular basis. By timely responding to negative or positive feedback, you can not only change the opinion of other users but also get new ideas for the promotion and development of your company. Regular monitoring of online reviews should become a common thing for your company if you want to get new clients for free and increase the loyalty of regular customers.

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