Why Should You Care About Fast Hosting

Web hosting is likely the most under appreciated part of the Internet, and it isn’t for its lack of usefulness. Everything you consume on the World Wide Web—articles, podcasts, memes, Youtube, online gaming—lives on a server that a company, orindividual, pays for.

It’s an essential service that’s integral to your online experience, yet it remains entirely invisible.

If you’re considering launching a website, many web hosting companies are available, but not all of them will offer what you need. Fast hosting companies, like maxihost.com, can ultimately determine whether your business succeeds or fails. Here, we’ll explain why.

6 Reasons Why Fast Hosting is Incredibly Important

Loading factor is a major contributing factor to web page abandonment. In fact, most of us won’t even wait 2 seconds for a website to load. Fast hosting can help your business by:

1. Creating a Good First Impression

Every business in every niche is competing for customer attention. If your website loads slowly, you’re unlikely to attract put-off visitors a second time. When you use a fast hosting company, you’re able to instantly make a strong first impression based on your strong user experience.

Consumers relate fast websites to reliability, efficiency, and trust, all of which boost your brand.

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2. Establish an Optimal User Experience

UX design is an important part of building a website, and it’s the easiest way you can differentiate yourself from your competition. Creating a simple experience for your visitors goes a long way in making them happy, but a slow website will have the opposite effect.

Instead of frustrating or confusing your potential customers, make speed your top priority.

3. Giving Your Customers the Speed They Expect

Your potential customers expect speed. That bar has already been set by the most visited websites on the Internet, and you have to follow that trend to stay competitive.

We expect immediate results from our laptops and desktop computers, and anything less than that will make us lose our patience. To make matters worse, we’ve even less patient on mobile.

Typically, your consumers will look up websites away from home because they need directions, restaurant suggestions, or a phone number. For now, your customers expect slower load times on mobile, but if you can manage quick speeds on smartphones, you’ll stand above the rest.

4. Improving Conversion Rates on Your Website

Conversion rates are notoriously low across the board. The vast majority of the people who visit your website will leave without purchasing your product or service. A good conversion rate is between 2-5%, but you won’t even get that without a fast website.

To be a top brand that pulls in a 6-20% conversion rate, you need to keep your website performance at the highest level.

5. Skyrocketing Your Google (or Search Engine) Ranking

Google likes fasts websites, and you want to appease Google if you want to make it anywhere in your business.Google has admitted in the past that they don’t take site speed that seriously compared to other signals, but if your website is slow after you do rank, they’ll be less likely to rank you again. That means that with each new blog post, your website will start to rank lower.

6. Establishing Constant Growth

By alienating your customers from the get-go with a bad first impression, you’ve already been cut off from nearly half of your potential visitors. This problem will continue to snowball until your customers stop recommending your service through social media, review sites, and word of mouth. Without that free marketing, your visitors start to shrink even further and further.

Customers and established businesses will stop linking back to your content, making you less of an authority in your niche. Eventually, people may stop signing up for your newsletter. Instead of scaling, your business growth, and your brand, will suffer due to a slow website.


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