10 Most Common Applications with Elegant Syntax from Laravel

When it comes to developing powerful backends for web solutions, it is essential to choose a robust framework. Advancing technology has brought many languages and frameworks into the web application development domain, but Laravel remainsone of the preferred choices for developers. Be it creating a simple one-page website or an entire full-fledged social networking app, Laravel always assists web developers to come up with customized, feature-rich solutions.

We will go through the most common web applications based on Laravel in this article. But, before moving ahead, let’s have a glance at the top benefits of this open-source PHP web framework.

Key Reasons Why Web Artisans Prefer Laravel Framework

Some of the major benefits of Laravel web development include rapid development time and desired outcomes for businesses. Apart from this, developers bank upon Laravel for optimized website performance with speed optimization techniques like database indexing. Laravel can build customized websites that can process various tasks faster than other sites and handle increasing traffic more efficiently.

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What’s more, Laravel is a flexible platform to build a fully-featured eCommerce site, a seamlessly performing application, or a professional B2B website. It also supports third-party integrations for adding optimized features and functionality. Finally, as an open-source framework, Laravel is free to use in any web project and remains cost-effective in the long run.

Let’s dig deep into the ten most common web applications built upon the Laravel framework.


Koel is a renowned web application for audio streaming. This app has VueJS on the client-side and Laravel on the server-side to offer personalized audio streaming to users. Other modern web technologies like Flexbox and drag-and-drop API make Koel an excellent app for streaming live audios. Here is its GitHub repository. Koel application does not require any technical knowledge for accessing.


If you require a dedicated interface for admin for your Laravel web application, Voyager can be your choice. It is a missing Laravel Admin Package that includes multiple components including a menu builder, a media manager, BREAD (CRUD) operations, and the like. You can check the Github Repository for the Voyager app or a Laravel Admin.

Invoice Ninja

It is an awesome app for managing invoicing and payments, vendors, and expenses. It has useful features including creating invoices in real-time, creating tasks and tracking time, customizing invoices with the logo, accepting deposits and partial payments, creating recurring and auto-bill invoices, and the like. Invoice Ninja is a useful application for trust building and time tracking with the help of Kanban board-like features.

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Polr Project

Do you want to shorten the URL of your website? With Polr, you can shorten any URL. It is an open-source link shortener to brand your URLs while gaining control over your data. It is a quick and modern URL shortener for multiple users ranging from website owners to entrepreneurs and companies to eCommerce firms.

October CMS

As a Free, open-source, and self-hosted CMS platform, October CMS has drawn the attention of many people across the world. It is based on the Laravel PHP platform. This content management system is simple, modern, universal, fun-to-use, reliable, and easy-to-learn for users.


It is an open-source status page system. Irrespective of types or domains of expertise, designers, and developers can use this application. A fully integrated translation system, a useful JSON-based API, scheduled maintenance tools, visual metrics, and an elegant design utilizing Bootstrap are some of the noteworthy features of this application. It has two-factor authentication for enhanced security. Every user or developer can leverage the benefits of this application with ease.

Laravel Generator

When it comes to getting APIs and Admin Panel ready quickly, you can use this application. Laravel Generator is a multipurpose application that can assist developers effectively. It can generate CRUD, Test Cases, Swagger Documentation, and APIs. Laravel Generator is specifically designed to save a lot of time and effort of developers in generating various components for the web project. It also contributes to reducing overall development cost for the Laravel application development process.

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Laravel Excel

It is a useful application for all types of businesses. When it comes to making and sharing spreadsheets, users can count on Laravel Excel. Key features of this application include exporting collections to Excel, exporting queries with automatic chunking, and exporting Blade views to Excel. Laravel Excel enables companies or businesses to get better performance using the spreadsheet.


Just like October CMS, Lavalite CMS is also based on Laravel. It has a standard collection of tools and packages. These tools are useful for building and maintaining websites with customized features. Companies, irrespective of their business models, come up with feature-rich and reliable websites using Lavalite for ensuring a sustainable presence on the web world.


Do you want to have a powerful platform for forum discussions? You could ask Laravel developers to use Flarum. It is a seamlessly-performing software for forum discussions with a two-panel interface. Other useful features of this software include infinite scrolling (another useful feature for long discussions), Floating Composer, Smooth Animations (to make discussions more interesting), Swipe Gestures, and Touch Optimization. It is very fast and lightweight software that can assist users to make forum discussions interactive and scalable.

Apart from these applications, Voten is a Reddit-like application, Canvas is a blog publishing platform, and BookStack is a simple Wiki Software. Most Laravel-powered web applications are free-to-use because of the open-source nature of this platform. Experienced PHP developers can make the most of this framework’s features to build customized and user-friendly web applications.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, the Laravel framework opens the doors of creativity and innovation for web developers. Content management systems and other third-party applications also work well with the framework. Whether you want to build a web application from scratch or are in search of a robust platform for your next web project, Laravel can be your choice.



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