How Learning a Language Can Help you Become a Better Programmer

By Andrew B. Mazur -Programming is often approached as something cryptic and related to calculations by those who are new to the practice, yet not many people realize that it is also all about logic. After all, when a person becomes engaged in any code work, it means dealing with a programming language that has a special syntax, writing regulations, and a set of rules that set it apart. Of course, it has numerous similarities, which means that if you know HTML and CSS, then Java won’t seem all intimidating. It works exactly the same way when you know more than one language as you start looking for similarities, which helps to proceed with unknown words as you encounter them.

How Learning a Language Helps Become a Better Programmer

Learning a Foreign Language Inspires For Critical Thinking.

One of the most important aspects of learning a language is applying critical analysis, which is essential for programming. When you compose a phrase in a foreign language, you think about things like culture, existing notions, and your environment by picking the most efficient words. It works just the same with programming – you must evaluate suitable lines of code that will be compiled in the best way possible.

You Start Learning Outside The Box.

Programming is always approached as a static notion where everything must be precise with no changes. Still, if that rule would work, we would not have people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs who have dared to go further and think beyond what has been there. While programming must be accurate, your code may change just like the words you say. When you know more than one foreign language, you can say the same thing in a similar way but still a little bit differently. If you have spoken with foreign programmers that speak Spanish, you might have noticed that they have certain words and phrases that are only common for local coding practices. Since you can check Spanish translation services, you may compare two different manuals or learn new practices that will help you become a better coder when you know what simple words like “la Puerta” really mean.

Seeking For Similarities and The Differences.

Another important factor that must be kept in mind is that learning a language is all about similarities and things that are unique. While some linguists advise against it, learners still do so naturally just like programmers. If you get really good with this practice, it will help you to find code mistakes and those parts that are weak and must be improved. While these may look like basic cognitive functions, approaching the same code in a different language is just like trying to speak German or French when English is your native language. Language training can speed up the learning process and help hone cognitive abilities.

Accuracy and Pattern-Learning.

When you learn pronunciation and various writing rules, it is quite similar to work with the patterns that programmers use for certain functions. When you train your accuracy by speaking in a foreign language or looking through the set of rules and corrections, your code writing will become more accurate as you do not start typing right away but apply analysis first.

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Grammar Structure Code.

Programming can be easily compared to grammar since there are rules that you should not violate. Just think about taking a look at the sentence structure in a foreign language. You know the tenses and where the verbs and adjectives go, what order must be followed, and so on. Programming works the same way when you apply explanations and equations here and there. When you approach it just like a human language, your machine code will become more vivid as you learn how to correct mistakes.

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Neuro Linguistic Programming

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You might have heard about NLP, which is used in all the possible scientific fields from mental recovery programs to military training and education. It is also one of the best examples where linguistic skills are paired with actual programming. What makes it unique is that the use of certain phrases and sequences helps to program the brain and help an individual overcome fear or remember certain information in a much better way.

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You do not have to be a skilled specialist to learn more about this thought-provoking practice because it’s also creative work to consider. When you are ready to start programming and know several languages (or plan to learn them), NLP basics will help you to explore the best of both worlds.


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