5 Myths About Software Development You Must Know

Software applications are an integral part of modernized businesses. The software apps help to keep different processes streamlined, unify the systems and ensure smooth sailing of the organization. There are several appearances of software development that have changed in the past few years.

Developers have moved towards a more agile and iterative development journey. Similarly, software development processes have been simplified, and the tools have made the development journey easier for everyone.

Despite the ease offered, several aspects of software development have been misinterpreted or misunderstood completely. Therefore, in this blog, we have cleared the most common myths about developing custom software applications. Let’s get started.

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Top Myths About Software Development

Traditionally the developer and the development processes are assumed to be stringent and complex. This leads to aversion from one of the most needed aspects of running the company and getting the competitive edge- a software solution. Here are the top 5 myths you should know that people assume when it comes to software development.

Myth 1: Developing Software is Too Expensive

The first thought that comes to mind regarding software development is that it will create an imbalance in your pockets. You think developing software is too expensive and creating a software application entails investing too much money.

However, it is not true. Software development costs aren’t always too expensive. Opting for a detailed custom solution might need to pay a few hundred dollars extra.

But, if you are planning a getting-started version, more like an MVP, you can get it for a minimal budget. You spend depending on the complexities and the functionality you wish to add.

You can spend less on development by choosing a cost-efficient tech stack and an expert offshore software development company like Space-O.

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Myth 2: There Are No Certain Defined Requirements

Most businesses are unaware of their user’s requirements and end up having no idea what they want in a software application. They don’t connect with their actual customers to define the requirements, as they are sure about their end users’ requirements.

That could set the software application along the wrong path. You need your users to tell you what’s right and wrong with your current application. They will be able to tell you the gaps in the system or the problems they are experiencing.

The user can showcase some of the best solutions they have been using and why they are considering going forward. With the help of your end-users, you can define the type of product that can act as a solution. You can even think through the features that can become an incentive for the users and improve their usage.

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Myth 3: In-house Development is Better Than Outsourcing

When you think about the two, there is no one over the other. Most people believe that having in-house gives them more control and helps them spend less. However, that isn’t completely true. In-house comes with challenges with hiring, infrastructure cost, and more.

Outsourcing your software application development can help you gain more access to expertise and improves the development speed. If you choose the right partner to outsource your software application development, you will gain more control over the development processes. Outsourcing offers more visibility into the entire solution, and you can be part of a transparent process.

With outsourcing, you can gain better control over spending as well. You won’t be hiring a team or spending on the infrastructure. As a result, you can spend on the services you get. That should make outsourcing good and even better for small businesses and startups than in-house development.

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Myth 4: Quality Assurance is Not Important

Many people, including business owners and developers, believe that quality assurance is a nice thing for software applications. However, they also believe that it is not completely necessary to implement before releasing the application.

That is completely different from the real scenario. You should ideally test your application thoroughly before you are ready for the launch. The idea is to ensure every piece of the application, from the features to the user, is functional.

You should conduct quality testing to check if the experiences are seamless and if there is no sign of friction when using the application. The QA team will check for usability, conduct unit tests to acknowledge the quality and determine the performance.

All these aspects should match the guidelines defined by Apple and Google Play stores, respectively. It will help ensure your app gets accepted immediately.

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Myth 5: Release is the End of Development

Most businesses believe that once the product is launched, they don’t need the developer’s support to pull through other things. However, that isn’t true. Product release isn’t the end of the road for development. You may need the developer to extend maintenance and support options. At the same time, the developer will help incorporate the feedback and fix the issues faced by the end users.

The release is about getting started with the user front for app development. You need to match footsteps with the newer requirements and regular OS updates to ensure your software application reduces the pains the end user faces.


Software development is essential to take your business and increase conversions. With the right solution, you can speed up your services and help your internal teams and end users better.

Identifying the issues your users are facing, and the type of software solution you want is essential. It is equally important to determine if you want to modernize an existing application or build a solution from scratch.

Partnering with an expert software development company can help improve your software application development and accelerate the releases.


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