8 Best Instagram Tools to Grow and Engage Followers

By John Peterson – There is no doubt that Instagram represents one of the most used platforms for marketing nowadays. It has become more successful than any other social media platform, and it is a great tool to get promoted, as a small or a big business.

Experts that work in digital marketing are well aware that there are some tools that can help you grow and engage followers, and this way you will be able to organically grow your audience.

This article will go through 8 of the best tools to help you grow your Instagram audience.


Combin is a desktop tool, unlike most of the other ones, that are mobile apps. With the help of this tool, you are able to do in-depth analyzations of your audience and engagement, as you will be able to choose the profiles and posts you want to engage with, for example.

Once you choose them, the tool will automatically engage with them. There are plenty of filtering options that will let you optimize the targeted audience you will engage with.

For example, if you are looking to work with writers and trying to provide essay writing service reviews, you can very easily filter the accounts you engage with, so that you build your audience based on this field. Your feed will be filled with assignment writing services, and this way you will be sure that you will be addressing to the people that will actually be interested in what your service provides.

Moreover, you can use the tool to pre-write comments, and then post them automatically through rotation.

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Later is a different tool from the first one. This one is great for preparing and scheduling posts, in order for them to go up in different moments of the week, without you having to do anything else besides preparing them.

The tool can also be connected to file storage services like Dropbox or Google Cloud, for an even better workflow. This way, the app can directly take the pictures or videos from those accounts, and automatically post them on Instagram.


This one is more focused on Instagram businesses. With the help of Foursixty, you can easily turn your profile into an online gallery. The app will let you add tags to your images, that will lead to the exact product, which usually helps online stores increase their sales.

Moreover, you are able to use the tool to track influencer marketing. New influencers can be discovered using this tool, and you can see and track their performance and engagement. As a result from this, you will know which influencer you can contact, to help you grow your audience.


If you are looking for an app from where you can buy followers or likes, this is it. You simply have to choose a package, enter your username and make your purchase. In a matter of seconds, the new followers and likes will appear on your account.

This app is not offering any analytics, you can only purchase a certain number of followers (starting from 100, all the way up to 25.000).

Firing Table

For whenever you feel like you get overwhelmed by the amount of direct messages in your Instagram inbox, you can turn to this tool.

Firing Table is a service that will help with the organic growth of your audience, as it can be used to automatically engage with your followers. This means that the tool can be set up to respond or directly message to followers, and even leave comments on your behalf.


With a great and user-friendly dashboard, Instato is the tool for you if you need an assistant to help you manage your account. Especially when running a one-man online business, you will definitely find yourself in overwhelming situations at times. For those times, it is great to keep your account as organised as possible, and this is where this will come in handy.

When working as a writer for a write my dissertation type of service, there will surely be some periods of the year where you will get extremely busy and loaded with tasks, and Instato will help you stay on top of your game.


Being one of the top social media managing apps of 2021, Hootsuite has a built-in social media calendar, and it also keeps track of various analytics and visitor interaction statistics.

In case you are working with an entire team, for a service like Bestessay.com, you might want to use this tool to create and assign tasks to team members.


Last but not least, audience will always be attracted to good-looking content. You can use an app like VSCO to edit your images, so that you keep the same feel for most of your images, which will help you achieve a well put-together and consistent-looking account.


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