Linux vs Windows: Which is better for programming

Most people are using Windows as their main PC operating system. However, if you’re new to programming, you may see a lot of references to Linux byprofessionals in the field. This is also an operating system; in fact, one of the most popular, Android, according to the Linux official website, is powered by this OS.

Windows is of course a better known and more extensively used operating system. More than 90% of computers in the world have Windows as their operating system. Compare that to 1% or so that use Linux operating systems.

But despite its limited use and less popularity Linux enjoys niche popularity especially in the programmers’ community. They usually prefer working in Linux to Windows. There could be many reasons for that but mostly it is the availability of many programmer-friendly applications that Linux offers. In this article, we will compare both operating systems and try to find out which one is more attractive for programmers.

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The decision at the end of the day is up to the end-user. He may be biased for or against a particular operating system making this a purely personal choice. But let us compare the two OSs based on some solid metrics and see which one ranks better. We will leave the verdict to the reader as to which one has better options for the programmers.

Linux Vs Windows for programming: which OS makes programmers feel at ease ?

Let us compare the two operating systems according to programming friendliness.

Commercial vs open source:

Windows is a commercial operating system that you have to buy to use. Linux on the other hand is freely available. You can download it from the net through its various distribution channels.

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Update speed:

When it comes to windows, troubleshooting is slow and time-consuming. You first report an error or a bug and then wait for the support team to help you out. Linux is free-for-all software with open source code. Any malfunction or bug is easily identified, reported, and taken care of in no time.


Linux tends to be more secure than windows when it comes to the safety of your data or in case of a malicious online threat. The developers using and working with Linux make it hard for intruders to break the security apparatus of Linux. Windows is vulnerable to such attacks and requires anti-virus security programs for its effective operations.

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With each new version of Windows, Microsoft has improved the protection functions. With Windows 8, for example, Secure Boot has been added to protect the boot environment and Windows Defender virus protection. Windows 10 supports two-factor authentication. The login can also be secured with a password, for example with a PIN or fingerprint. Improve security. This includes technical measures in the system and regular updates.

Widespread use and standardization make Windows a particularly popular target. The development of malware is more worthwhile here. Linux or Mac OS are hardly affected, if only because of their lower market share. With Linux, there is also the fact that users rarely download software and thus malware from the Internet. Restrictively set user rights also prevent the accidental start of programs and the spread of malware in the system.

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The easiest way to protect personal data from unauthorized access is through encryption. Linux Mint or Ubuntu offer encryption of the entire hard drive or just the home directory during installation. Microsoft only provides similar features to the more expensive Pro editions.

Speed of operation:

Linux is faster and more efficient. It executes commands quickly and the run-time is short. This is due to its slim size and smart management of performance parameters. Windows is slower comparatively and gets even slower with time.

Programmer friendliness:

Why is linux better for programming ? Linux provides a more welcoming and inviting interface for programmers and web developers. It is compatible with all the major programming languages. Its applications like a package manager, bash scripting, SSH support, apt commands, etc. are incredibly helpful for programmers. Windows do not offer such facilities. The terminal of Linux is also better than that of Windows.

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The community:

Linux boasts a closely-knit thriving community of programmers and developers. Being an open source-code operating system, it lets its users connect easily. They learn from each other and help one another whenever the system experiences any disruption.

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Cons of Linux programming:

Linux offers a different environment and user interface than windows. Many people find it difficult to adapt to the Linux way of doing things. You should seek help from Linux professionals, consult online tutorials on the subject, and read books about Linux. It might take a while but you will get the hang of things.

Here are several examples of issues you may have as a beginner when switching to Linux:

Linux is not very receptive to Windows office. This could be frustrating for a newbie. We are all used to Word, Excel, but when you are on Linux there is little support for them. There are some alternatives but again you will have to learn how they work and they might not be as features-laden as MS office.

Some editing, programming, etc. software might not work on Linux. That could be frustrating but there again alternatives are available although you would have to spend time understanding their work.

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Windows provides you the ease of use with its graphical-intensive interface and combos of hotkeys as well as for single-click options. In Linux, you will miss such luxuries. It is fairly command-driven in the traditional sense of the word.

As a result, we see that Linux is the most convenient for developers . It offers tons of features, and with professional help from the community, you’ll be ready to use it fully very quickly. Find a suitable distribution today and start coding like a pro.

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