Best Online Ordering Systems for Restaurants in 2024

Customers like the convenience of ordering food online. Did you know that 79% of people expect to use technology for orders at casual restaurants? Plus, over a third of adults, especially those aged 18-34, consider tech options when choosing where to eat.

Today, customers want quick and easy food delivery, all at their fingertips. Did you know that in the first half of 2018 alone, the online ordering industry was valued at $5 billion? And experts predict the food delivery market could hit $365 billion by 2030!

You can now simplify meal delivery, increase your restaurant’s regular income, and improve your curbside takeout system with an online ordering system. Worried about choosing the best restaurant online ordering system? Read this blog to get the answers for all your doubts.

How Does Online Ordering Work?

Customers can order foods and drinks for takeaway or delivery using a restaurant’s website, app, or a third-party app from any mobile device or desktop computer. This is known as online ordering for restaurants.

Through an online ordering system, a restaurant may receive and process orders directly or indirectly through their point-of-sale system. This system gathers all the essential information about the transaction, including customer details, goods, and payment. Since most direct online ordering systems have integrated payment capabilities, customers may pay for their orders online immediately after placing them.

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The Benefits of Online Ordering Platforms

The advantages of online restaurant ordering are obvious, regardless of whether you use your website for direct orders, a third-party delivery service, or a mix of the two. The following are a few of the most significant advantages of online ordering:

  • A larger consumer base
  • Greater revenue
  • Streamlined purchasing and payment
  • Improved interactions with clients

Top Platforms for Online Restaurant Orders

Enabling online ordering is one of the greatest moves you can make in 2024. Your clients will expect you to do this. Of the many options available, the following are the top internet platforms to begin using.


For local eateries, Foodiv is a game-changer for online food ordering. Creating an account and entering your restaurant’s details, digital menu, and other data is a breeze.

Foodiv goes above and beyond to quickly accomplish your company goals, unlike other restaurant mobile applications developed by popular trends. Foodiv handles everything for you, including creating the QR Code Menu (Digital Menu), adding your restaurant’s details, and handling your orders.

Some of the most sought-after features by customers and businesses in the restaurant industry are already part of Foodiv’s pre-built app system for food ordering. You can find restaurant details, a restaurant finder, real-time tracking, a digital catalogue/menu, push notifications, and reward wallets. If you feel it will benefit your company, you may always request that the product manager add new features or remove any.

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Online ordering, catering, event management, and more are part of BentoBox, an all-in-one platform for marketing and commerce that restaurants use.

BentoBox is an online ordering system that streamlines the process for restaurants. Its platform is designed to be user-friendly, emphasising personalised branding and high checkout rates so businesses can quickly take and handle orders for pickup and delivery through their website.

Restaurants pay a small monthly fee with no obligation, and the service doesn’t take a cut of their profits. Digital Order & Pay allows in-store ordering, Automated Email Campaigns encourage repeat business, and a Digital Loyalty Program boosts lifetime value. The whole online ordering process, including the interaction with consumers following checkout, is controlled by eateries.


Restaurants may make use of DoorDash Storefront, an online ordering system. Online ordering allows customers to order directly on a restaurant’s website. Even while businesses can’t separate the direct ordering menu from the marketplace, this is another way for them to get more orders through DoorDash’s marketplace. Storefront includes the standard marketplace service costs that customers pay.

In contrast to other online ordering platforms, Doordash needs to give restaurants ownership of their client data, which makes it difficult for them to use remarketing to generate orders. For Storefront to take full control of its connections with customers, it needs digital ordering, marketing, and loyalty capabilities.


A restaurant’s Toast point-of-sale system may be integrated with Toast, an online ordering system. Thanks to this, operators can enjoy a smooth computerised ordering experience, but guests may notice a decline in design sensibility. Toast encourages commission-free transactions through its online ordering system. A monthly subscription costs, but bundles are also available. For restaurants just starting without point-of-sale, printing, or online ordering capabilities, Toast is a lifesaver.

While Toast does include digital ordering, customer loyalty, and email marketing tools, its rivals focus more on the digital operations experience, such as their websites, event management software, catering software, and eCommerce capabilities. This is where Toast shines. Although it lacks its rivals’ design prowess and brand focus, the online ordering process does feature the restaurant’s emblem and, if desired, banner graphics.


When it comes to assisting restaurants in taking control of their web profile and client relationships, ChowNow, a commission-free online ordering platform that links customers with eateries, comes into the picture. A monthly membership allows restaurants to accept orders via their website or a custom mobile app.

ChowNow accepts orders for one of three convenient pickup locations: in-store, curbside, or through its network of delivery partners. Regarding online ordering, ChowNow presents a practical method for eateries that value their customers’ experience. Unfortunately, restaurants can’t utilise their logo or insert banner graphics to provide a consistent brand experience. Digital ordering options for in-house eating and a customer loyalty program are not part of ChowNow’s free marketing tools.

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Popmenu hosts an online menu for guests to request pickup and delivery for a monthly membership per location. If you own a restaurant, you should know that your website serves as more than just a menu; it’s also a virtual storefront where customers can learn about upcoming events, purchase branded merchandise, gift cards, and more. Consequently, eateries paying a premium on their online experience should seek other alternatives.

In addition, much like marketplaces like Grubhub or DoorDash, Popmenu integrates consumer evaluations into the online ordering process and gives them priority. People, not platforms, are Popmenu’s primary focus. Compared to other online ordering and website systems, brand-focused restaurants place less emphasis on design.


Menufy offers restaurants a wide range of digital and print marketing tools, including online ordering websites. Website, Menufy portal, or app users may place direct orders. The user interface could be more responsive and mobile-friendly. When it comes to Menufy, practicality takes precedence over design. Menufy needs more customization options and flexibility than its competitors, making it unsuitable for restaurants seeking a consistent brand experience across their platforms.


Selecting the best online ordering system for restaurants in 2024 is crucial for success. These platforms streamline operations and enhance customer experiences, paving the way for increased efficiency and revenue.

As technology advances, restaurants must stay updated with the latest trends and innovations in online ordering platforms. By picking the right system that aligns with their unique requirements and goals, restaurants can set themselves for success.


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