Five best open source Backup utilities for Linux

Data loss is a common threat we all face these days. Disk failure or other user mistakes might result in data loss. Losing data is more hazardous for a data center which stores tons of information every day. There are so many backup Utilities available in the market which makes it confusing to choose the best one among the numerous options. This article will help you select the most appropriate free backup utility for Linux that might fit your needs.

Amanda – An amazing backup utility

Amanda is the first entry on our list. It’s an excellent Linux backup utility which is open-source. Amanda uses internet cloud storage by Amazon as well as traditional disk storage to back up your data at any time. It also supports tape drives. It has an easy to use graphic based interface which can be accessed remotely in order to perform back-up operations. It is the standard backup tool which uses Linux GNU tar application. It is cross-platform, which means you can back up your data in Linux and restore it in other operating systems. Its simple interface can be used by anyone without problems. Visit this link to get Amanda for your Linux PC.

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Clonezilla – A great disk imaging backup utility

Clonezilla is a disk imaging tool. Clonezilla makes a backup of the whole disk by cloning it. It supports all major file systems in Linux like fat16, fat 32, ext2, ext3, ext4, and many others in different operating systems. It offers customizable boot parameters for controlled imaging of disks as well as AES 256 encryption support to protect your data. In order to use Clonezilla, you will need to boot it from Live CD or via a USB drive. Overall it is a great backup utility but it has downsides. For example, you cannot recover a single file from a backup. Online storage backup is not rolled out yet.

You can download this tool from this link. It comes in three variants, Clonezilla lives for single PC backup, Clonezilla lite server and Clonezilla SE for multiple PCs backup (up to 40).

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Bacula – Network-based backup solution

Bacula is another fabulous enterprise-ready corporate data backup utility available for Linux users. A great Network-based backup utility used to backup data remotely. It can backup MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle tool, SAAP ASE, and other popular databases. It can backup data side-by-side with an ongoing backup process to save time and resources.Bacula has its own software that stores and recovers data of a particular file from physical storage Keep in mind however that it is difficult to set up and should be done by professionals. If you are new to Linux then you might consider using other backup utilities mentioned in this article. You can download Bacula using this link.

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Backup Ninja – a backup utility for database servers

Backup ninja is a great backup utility for Linux database server. It is widely used by data centers to avoid data loss. This is a command-line based backup tool for backing up your database server. Backup Ninja can create a backup of MySQL, PostgreSQL, Maildir, and many more database servers. There is a setup wizard which might come in handy for first-time use . Its settings files are easy to edit which makes it straightforward to reconfigure the backup process. It also supports scripts, just drop in a script and it will handle backups with ease. Backup ninja can also be configured to send status reports via e-mails. Overall it is the best backup utility to backup data locally or remotely. You can download the software directories from this link .

Kbackup – A simple user-friendly Backup utility

Kbackup is another user-friendly GUI based Backup utility for Linux users. You can use different profiles to store data of different PCs or different types of files. The backup can be stored on local drives as well as on network drives. You can also run automatic backups using this utility. It’s an open-source backup tool made available under the GNU general public License. You can download kbackup Source files from this link.

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These are the five best backup software for linux. You can use these utilities to make sure your data is safe and secure. For newbies , it is preferable to select kbackup, Amanda, and Clonezilla. For expert administrators, you will want to choose Backup ninja or Bacula.

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