Git Fetch vs Pull

What is the difference between a git fetch and a git pull ? In a nutshell, A git pull operation updates a local branch (under refs/heads) with its remote version. It will at the same time update the other remote branches (under refs/remotes).

From the official Git documentation, a git pull is just a git fetch operation followed by a get merge FETCH HEAD command.

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The git fetch operation does not change the user’s own local branches (under refs/heads) which means that it can be done without changing your current working copy. After the git fetch, the remote branches are called origin/branch_name instead of branch_name.

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Note that a git push operation does never merge (either manual or automatic). If there are merge conflicts, get pull has to be applied followed by a resolution of potential merge conflicts locally before finally pushing back to the remote branch.

For more information, refer to the official Git documentation here.

Answer due to Greg Hewgill .


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