How to Recover CR2, RAW, NEF, CRW Photos after Deleting

Generally, all digital cameras store their photos in raw format. This is because it allows the cameras to capture all the details more effectively, especially when you do not want to use photo recovery apps.

Though other programs also use CR2 files, they are commonly created by Canon cameras. If you take photos with Canon cameras or use CR2 files often, you should have more information about these files. 

Recovering CR2, RAW, NEF, and CRW photos should be smooth, especially when you have the right tools. You could be asking whether it’s even possible to recover permanently deleted photos from any device, including Canon cameras. We will answer this question in the next section.

Can I Recover Deleted CR2, RAW, NEF, And CRW Photos?

As we mentioned already, recovering these files is a little hustle. However, the chances of recovering these files depend on several factors. We have provided details of some of these factors and causes of data loss. 

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Accidental deletion 

You can quickly delete these files accidentally while still using your camera to take more photos. Also, you can delete them accidentally while using your PC in the case where you have stored them on your computer. 


Many things have the potential to cause disk corruption. These could be virus attacks, bad sectors in hard drives, physical damage, etc. Whether you can recover corrupted files depends on the level of file corruption and the solution used. 

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Disk formatting helps improve disk performance, especially if you have whole storage and want to clear everything to start afresh with a light and clean drive. If you do this quite often, you may become a victim of lost crucial files sometime. If you recently formatted your drive, you will delete the photos without realizing it. 

Wear and tear

Generally, drives have a limited lifespan. Whether you use SD cards or hard drives, they will constantly wear and tear. As this happens, they will collapse one day. 

Understanding these reasons is the first step towards understanding the potential for recovery and getting the best solution for your photos. If your drive has experienced more significant impacts from wear and tear, it may be easier to recover the files or use this website to learn more and restore them with more intuitive software. On the other hand, it is much easier to recover the photos you accidentally deleted. 

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Best Methods To Recover CR2, RAW, NEF, And CRW Photos

You can try several recovery methods to recover lost photos of any format. The chances, however, depend on the causes, as we discussed already. Nonetheless, you can use a more intelligent tool to improve your chances of recovery. 

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Method 1: Recovery With Disk Drill 

Photo backup is one of the best ways to protect your files and make them recoverable even after the system crashes. 

As the first option to restore your photos, you must use Disk Drill to ensure you are not making a trial-and-error attempt. As much as many third-party data recovery solutions are on the market today, Disk Drill by Cleverfiles is by far the best software to use. 

It is a magical tool that recovers data regardless of the factors behind their loss. Some of the features to expect from this software include the following: 

  • It recovers over 1000 file types
  • It supports recovery from several storage devices, including local and external devices
  • It has no hidden malware, viruses, or ads
  • It has a smooth and intuitive user interface

This photo recovery software gives you the right solution for lost photos in any scenario. Follow the steps below to recover your files. 

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Step 1: Download and install this wonder app 

Step 2: Launch the app and check your device in the home interface

Step 3: Start the scanning process to recover your lost files

Step 4: When scanning ends, your files should appear in the preview section. Check and select the correct files to restore

Step 5: Tap “Recover” and choose the folder where you should store the files after recovery

Method 2: Data Recovery Service

Photos are an excellent way to capture good memorable moments. This means that losing such photos is always a big loss in the long run. This is because most of the events you capture on cameras, such as weddings, are usually one-time events.

While it is easier to recover these files with Disk Drill, you may sometimes be in such a compromising situation that you only want to listen to a professional. This is when you will think of a professional data recovery service. 

It is, however, essential to note that not all professional data recovery service providers offer equal service. You, therefore, need a service provider with a proven history of recovering data.

But what if you achieve your objective of restoring photos, but they become corrupted? You will have to repair them. See what to do below.

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How To Repair Corrupted CR12, RAW, NEF, CRW Photos

Method 1: Open With A Different Program

Opening these files with a different program has a higher chance of fixing them. The method, however, works only for less corrupted files. Alternative software that you can quickly try to recover deleted photos includes Photoshop and Lightroom. 

Method 2: Convert CR2 To JPEG

It is proven that converting corrupted files to JPEG has the potential to fix the challenges. You can do the conversion in many ways, including converting to JPEG. Converters available online can quickly resolve the problem. 


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