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The growing amount of healthcare data makes it hard and strenuous to manage them without some amount of redundancy and error. Now more than ever before, transparency is needed in the healthcare sector, clear communication between doctor and patient and effective software for error-free diagnosis.

This springs up the need for healthcare software development services. InVerita is a software development company that focuses on creating custom healthcare software and systems to help solve data management problems in healthcare. Their software also helps with effective diagnosis and thus maximizes the clinic’s productivity.

Custom Healthcare Solutions Provided by inVerita

InVerita works according to what exactly your clinic may need. Their software are tailored specifically to your requirements, but then there is some custom software that is used in most clinics:

  • EHR and EMR Software
  • Telemedicine Software Development
  • Hospital and Clinic Management Software
  • Custom Healthcare Software Development

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EHR and EMR Software

InVerita builds state-of-the-art Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems that go beyond the usual, like storing patients’ medical data and charts. The EHR and EMR systems can be integrated with other clinical management software to help organize data. With these integrations, you can receive X-ray images, get assisted in diagnosis and even make better decisions through warnings about drug interactions all in one software!

Telemedicine Software Development

Effective communication and interactions between patients and healthcare providers can go a long way in effective diagnosis. InVerita creates telemedicine software to simplify the communication between patients and doctors. Their telemedicine software also allows for virtual consultations.

Hospital and Clinic Management Software

Hospital Management Systems (HMS) and Healthcare Control Systems (HCS) have become a stay in various large hospitals. This software help manage patient and medical staff data and help reduce time spent on administrative duties.

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Custom Healthcare Software Development

InVerita makes software that is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant. This cloud-based software cover all manual and paper-based filing processes.

Why inVerita?

Why should you partner with inVerita? What makes them stand out among other healthcare software development providers?

  • They are Healthcare Industry Standards Compliant
  • Vast and Extensive Experience with Developing Full-fledged Healthcare Software
  • Custom Dedicated Development Services

They are Healthcare Industry Standards Compliant

Software provided by inVerita has been tested and has made sure to meet international standards for healthcare services before being deployed for use. Regular backups, strong storage encryption and other procedures ensure that your data is safe and the software is in accordance with HIPAA and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations.

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Vast and Extensive Experience with Developing Full-fledged Healthcare Software

InVerita has worked on various types of software across the healthcare industry and has successfully worked integrating them. This creates a multi-level interaction across all levels to ensure that customers get the best experience.

Custom Dedicated Development Services

InVerita listens to your ideas and has its software developers create custom healthcare software solutions that make it possible to pay bills and schedule appointments online, provide access to safe and secure medical records, and much more!

A development team dedicated just to you will ensure that your application has all the necessary functionality to provide enhanced and secure care at a lower cost. This, of course, begins with a thorough risk assessment and business analysis.


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