How To Choose SEO Tools and Services For Your Business

There is no universal tool or best SEO solution that would promote any site in any subject on the same effective level. High-quality promotion begins with the analysis of the initial data and the selection of suitable SEO strategies. Don’t forget aboutsafe SEO software.

The choice of services and instruments depends on several factors:

  • the purpose of promotion. What is the purpose of the business on the Internet? It can be attracting traffic to the site, working on the company’s image or lead generation;
  • features of search results . What is the percentage of aggregators and sites in search results for certain queries;
  • business size. To what extent the range and services presented on the site allow the business to compete with companies already represented on the Web;
  • topic. How much the site meets the requirements of the industry. Customers’ needs and search engine algorithms specified in this topic count too.

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The strategy depends on the goal of promotion

In this case, the goal of promotion determines which strategy to develop. As well as which tools and services will be effective for its implementation.

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Let’s look closer.

Target – traffic

This kind of promotion is relevant for information resources, news portals, thematic projects, and blogs. The main task of such sites is to provide the user with the necessary information and increase the reach of the target audience. There are no direct sales on information resources, only indirect monetization. For example, the sale of advertising spaces or participation in an advertising campaign as a business SEO platform.

What strategy to choose? Attracting the greatest number of users for the widest possible list of targeted queries.

How to apply the strategy? Start by collecting the widest possible semantic core. Create narrow-topic pages to cover as many requests on the site as possible. The next step is to optimize the pages and content for the selected queries. The site positions have to be as high as possible in the search for them. In case you can’t do that by yourself, choose a SEO company for help.

The work of collecting the semantic core to attract most traffic should take the first place. A “broad semantic core” does not mean collecting “the more the better” keys. You should always start with the most relevant queries.

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Target – image

Promotion for an image is suitable for a company where the name of the organization is a household name. If the request is a key brand product, if the request has high conversion rates, or if the site is the primary source of information.

What strategy to choose? Website promotion to the top for a small number of necessary image queries to maintain the company’s image and status. As well as build audience confidence.

How to apply the strategy? Start by collecting semantics and optimizing pages for queries. But this time, use more stringent conditions for clustering. The page should fit exactly the requests that you need. After optimization, test the result of changes in the search results and fine-tune each page. Find out what elements are missing on it, what headings you need to put, how to change the names of products. There has to be no shortage of search for keywords.

Target – leads

Lead generation and sales increase are relevant for most business sites. As a rule, this includes resources on e-commerce, real estate, medicine, financial institutions, and car dealers.

What strategy to choose? Receiving targeted traffic and converting it into targeted actions. You will probably have to find the best SEO company for that.

How to apply the strategy? Collect the semantic core, optimize the pages for requests. You can also buy backlinks with bitcoin. As a result, attract targeted traffic to the site. The next stage is to work on eliminating conversion barriers that prevent the user from taking targeted action on the site. For example, a broken order button or one located in an uncomfortable place.

A thorough study and analysis of the user’s journey on the site will help to identify hindering conversion. And external factors, for example, offline customer service, as well.

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SEO strategy is a complex of tools, methods of competition, and organization of work on search engine promotion. Its aim is achieving the set goals as soon as possible and with minimal investment of effort. Two important things depend on the correct choice of SEO management tools and services at the initial stage of work. How fast you reach the goal and how many resources you will spend on achieving it.


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