How To Ensure Your Webcast Platform Is User-Friendly

With more people now working from home than ever before, there is a growing need for software to help them continue to be productive and maintain communication. Thankfully, webcast software can do that, and it can also be a great way to interact with others face-to-face. One thing that will help your webcam platform stand out is how user-friendly it is. Let us look at some of the ways you can ensure your webcast platform is user-friendly.

It Should Work Across Devices

One of the best things about remote working is that you can work from virtually anywhere. However, the software you use also needs to support that. Because you will have people watching on their phones, tablets and laptops, you should ensure that the live webcast platform works well across all devices.

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Has a User-Friendly Interface

Not everyone that uses a piece of software is tech-savvy, so it can sometimes be hard for people to understand how to use it. To make it as easy as possible for someone to use a webcast platform, it needs to be as user-friendly as possible.

Creating an account for the first time should be straightforward and simple. A complicated process will put people off or make them frustrated. It should also be easy to set up a webcast chat or to join one.

Simple navigation and a straightforward design will help people who are not used to using this type of software.

Useful Tools

Live webcast platforms are a great way to interact with each other virtually. You can send and receive documents, chat, join and leave other groups and collaborate in real-time. However, to enable all of this to work smoothly, the webcast platform needs to have all the tools that you need.

The ability to share files quickly and easily is a must. It also helps if it can accept a range of formats as you won’t always know what preferred format someone has for their documents, or what brand of device their work computer might be. For example, Windows or Google Docs text files will likely be .doc, .docx, or .pdf documents – whereas, for Apple computers, the equivalent would be .pages, which cannot be read by machines outside of the Apple family.

Having fun things as well as stickers and emojis can lighten the meeting and help people to relax.

It also helps if there is the ability to play videos to all those present so you can visually show people and get feedback straight away rather than everyone watching it later.

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Accessibility for All Attendees

The people who attend a webcast will have a range of abilities and disabilities. It is important that the platform has the ability to cater to everyone regardless of their needs.

Auto Captioning is a good way for people with a hearing impairment to understand what is happening and follow along with the webcast. This can also be used for people whose first language may be different from others at the webcast. Automatic translation of the text will make the software more accessible to those from other countries.

By having a user-friendly webcast software that’s accessible and powerful, you can have more people attending and using the software, and allow them to get a better experience from it.


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