What Are the Best Recruitment Tools for HR Teams

Are you looking to supercharge your HR team? Do you want to decrease the time it takes to hire star players? Then you need to try out some recruitment tools! In this article, we are going to explore the 5 best recruitment tools which will help your HR team with everything from prospecting to interviewing to assessing and more. Let’s get started!

1. SignalHire

SignalHire is an amazing recruitment tool that reveals the email, mobile number, and social media profiles of any person from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and GitHub. All you need to do is:

  1. Install the SignalHire Google Chrome extension
  2. Open the person’s social media profile, for example, LinkedIn
  3. Click the SignalHire extension in the top right-hand corner of your browser
  4. Tap Reveal Contacts

Instantly you will be able to see the person’s mobile number, email, and even their social media profiles! With this valuable information, you can start prospecting effectively. Even better, SignalHire allows you to automatically upload contacts to your CRM, so within minutes, you can build a world-class leads list.

If browser extensions are not your thing, don’t worry! SignalHire also has an incredible database that you can search based on name, job role, email, and more. Thanks to SignalHire, you no longer have to waste your time messaging prospects on LinkedIn and being left on ‘read.’ You can now contact them directly and pitch your amazing company.

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2. Zendesk Answer Bot

An easy way to drive up your conversions is to install a chatbot on your recruitment site. You would be surprised at how many potential recruits are interested in applying for a role at your company but are turned off after not finding the information they need on your site. This is where a chatbot can help!

Chatbots allow potential recruits to receive more information about roles instantly. Chatbots are able to build on that initial interest shown by a potential recruit and convert it into an application.

One of the most popular chatbots is the Zendesk Answer Bot. The Zendesk Answer Bot is super simple to set up and uses the latest machine learning technology based on your knowledge base. This chatbot is able to have complex conversations with potential recruits and provide them with helpful information they need to decide if your role is right for them!

The Zendesk Answer Bot is working 24 hours a day to help and entice potential recruits. And if the recruit needs additional information, the chatbot can automatically transfer the conversation to one of your HR consultants.

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3. VidCruiter

VidCruiter is one of the leading video interviewing platforms that takes your hiring process to the next level. This incredible tool is used by leading companies such as Samsung, the Chicago Bears, Lowe’s, and even the United Nations!

With VidCruiter, you can create extensive pre-recorded video interviews where you record different questions, and the interviewee responds and has their answer recorded and saved. You can then view the responses at a later time.

VidCruiter also has a fantastic live interview feature where you can rate the interviewee’s performance in real time based on custom criteria. This platform is more than just an upgraded version of Zoom. It also has a number of other amazing features, including simple interview scheduling, so there is never any miscommunication about when the interview is going, and skill testing, where you create different questions and challenges.

VidCruiter is a great way to improve your recruiting process. This tool makes conducting video interviews incredibly simple and convenient. You will never have to worry about poor video quality and scheduling mishaps again!

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4. Pymetrics

Do you want to improve your screening process? Then try out Pymetrics! This innovative company was founded by Harvard and MIT PhDs who have used the latest AI and cognitive data to effectively test the soft skills of recruits.

Pymetrics features 16 different games, which take around 20 minutes to complete. These fun and unique games efficiently test a range of skills, including numerical agility, quantitative reasoning, risk assessment, decision-making, attention, focus, learning, generosity, emotion, and fairness.

Pymetrics is an amazing way to learn more about your recruits while not forcing them to endure long and arduous testing centers. Pymetrics analyzes the results from the games and displays the data in an easily digestible fashion.

This tool is an amazing way to improve your hiring process. You no longer need to guess if an employee will be suitable for a role. Instead, you can rely on the latest cognitive science and data to guide your decision. Pymetrics is compatible with all major ATS platforms, including Workday, Oracle, Taleo, and more!

Did you know that Pymetrics hires outperformed non-Pymetrics hires by 24%? Non-Pymetrics are also two times more likely to leave a company than Pymetrics hires. If you want to use the latest science to improve your hiring process, then we recommend putting your next batch of recruits through these innovative games!

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5. Yello

Yello is a CRM for HR professionals. Thanks to Yello, you can hire diverse, qualified, and skilled recruits faster and more effectively than ever before!

Yello is trusted by a number of top-rated companies, including Salesforce, Toyota, BDO, Adobe, Tableau, and more! This incredible CRM allows you to effortlessly connect and build relationships with recruits. You can effectively nurture these relationships and always have a pipeline filled with exceptional talents who are supporters of your company.

Yello makes it easy to track every single touch point throughout the recruiting process. For example, you can:

  • Generate amazing branded email and SMS campaigns
  • Automate your interview process
  • Access key candidate and engagement insights
  • Create a proactive talent community for your organization

Yello is also fantastic for improving your pipeline’s efficiency. For example, you can:

  • Adjust prospect’s profiles to fit your needs
  • Use tags and folders to organize your data
  • Find candidates with Boolean search
  • Preview resumes and quickly move to the next step

There is no reason that your company shouldn’t have thousands of potential high-performing recruits in your pipeline. Use Yello now to boost your brand and more effectively communicate with prospects!

Final Thoughts

Don’t ignore tools! These amazing little add-ons can transform your HR team and help you consistently find amazing recruits. SignalHire is our pick for the best recruitment tool, thanks to its ease of use and its ability to effortlessly pull contact details from any Linkedin profile. You can learn more about the tool here.


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