How to Make the Transition from Nurse to Nurse Writer

You may not know it already, but there’s a lot of money to be made and plenty of opportunities for nurses who can write. Nurses have a level of expertise and real-life experience that makes them hot commodities in the writing field. If you can show your worth as a writer and get noticed by the right people, you could get a regular gig in publications or work for major organizations. Or you could do some work on the side if you wish to supplement your income. If that is something that sounds appealing to you, here’s how you can make the transition from nurse to nurse writer.

Start Writing for Yourself

You first have to know if you have what it takes to be a writer and if you even enjoy writing. We would suggest that you start by building a simple blog. If you’re intimidated by the whole thing, don’t be, since it’s incredibly simple and doesn’t cost much money. All you need is a domain name with basic hosting and WordPress to get started. You could get all of this for under $20 and start blogging within 24 hours.

Try to pick an interesting angle so you can separate yourself. You also never know where this blog could go, so you must still take it seriously. You could write a blog on your specialization if you’re in a very narrow niche or speak from your unique perspective whether you’re a senior, minority, or from a group that is underrepresented in nursing. Try to look at other blogs for inspiration and be consistent. If you love blogging and are getting some compliments for your writing, then this could be a sign that becoming a nurse writer is for you.

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Consider Following Courses

The next thing we would suggest is that you start looking at a few courses you could follow not only for writing, but so you can broaden your expertise. You have organizations like the CfPIE that offer courses covering medical devices, life sciences, and biotech that would be perfect for you. This will give you a solid foundation to write on these subjects and a quick way to show your expertise to anyone you want to get hired by.

Make Things Official

As a freelance writer, you’re also a business and you have to get some business knowledge before you start selling your services. You might also want to create a separate legal entity to shield your personal finances. You’ll need to look into things like a Federal Tax ID number, local/state tax certificates, and opening a business bank account.

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Build a Portfolio and Start Pitching

Once everything is in place, you can start building your portfolio and selling your services. If you don’t have tech skills, don’t worry, as sites like Squarespace will allow you to create a great portfolio in seconds even if you know nothing about code. All you need are a few good images of yourself, a nice bio, and at least three to five original pieces to showcase your skills.

The next thing we suggest you do is open a LinkedIn account and start looking for clients on the platform. Also, take full advantage of their advertising and publishing options. And when publishing on the platform, make sure that you write content that is relevant to prospective clients first.

This is all you need to do if you want to start working as a nurse writer either full-time or part-time. There are many opportunities in this field and it could even be a way for you to retire early, so consider the option and learn as much about the job as possible so you know what to expect.


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