9 Ways You Can Make Money From Blogs

Do you want to monetize your site and make money with blogs? Then you have various options. In practice, most bloggers choose a combination of different options. Check and compare what is useful and profitable in your individual situation. Thisalso includes thoughts about your business model , if you want to run the blog not just as a hobby but also professionally.

In this article, we will outline 9 different ways in which blogging can be used to make money, increase sales and promote your site.

Banner advertising on the homepage

Banner advertising is one of the most popular ways to make money blogging. An advertising banner is displayed on the page, for which you as the website operator, receive money – if it is clicked on or if readers view it while scrolling. However, banner advertising is only worthwhile if there is a large number of visitors. Banner generator utilities can also be used to help users create their customized banners. 


    • Easy installation
    • Regular income
    • Advertising to match the content


    • Low sales
    • Finding Marketers
    • Little attention from readers

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Google AdSense

Google AdSense also falls within the field of advertising on your blog. Similar to advertising banners, you would need to mark the places intended for advertisements on your page. After you have integrated Google AdSense, advertisements will be generated and placed independently.
Every time a user visits your blog, you’ll make money. As with banner advertising, the higher the number of visitors, the more it pays off. Of course, you can also allocate more advertising space, but this quickly becomes a deterrent and annoying for readers.


  • Easy implementation
  • Automatic adaptation of the advertising content
  • Regular income


  • Requires cookie consent
  • Worse for side performance
  • Can be blocked by ad blockers
  • Not lucrative

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Affiliate links

Affiliate links or affiliate programs give you the opportunity to participate in the sales of other websites in exchange of a commission. A simple example: A tech blog writes about a new laptop. An affiliate link is built into the article for this purpose, via which the computer can be purchased from a shop. If readers use this link to buy the product, you will receive a commission as the blog operator. The amount varies greatly depending on the product. Sometimes it is only a few percent, in other niches it can be 20, 30 or 50 percent.

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The links must be labeled as advertising and affiliate links to let readers know that you are getting money from them. There are no additional costs for the buyer, the price of the product remains unchanged.


    • No flashy advertisements
    • Can be very lucrative
    • Easy and quick to install


    • Not suitable in every niche
    • Requires advertising labeling
    • Irregular income

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Build your own online shop

Is there any way you can offer products or services yourself? It can be a lucrative opportunity to earn money by creating an online website that sells products. On the other hand, there are quite high costs involved: Possible manufacturing costs and the programming of a good and secure shop should not be underestimated.
Also remember that you can not only sell classic products and merchandise. Knowledge and expertise can also be offered in the shop. If there is time, you can, for example, offer advice or offer tips, knowledge and experience in eBooks , PDFs or webinars for a corresponding price.


    • High income possible
    • Own, independent design
    • Tailored to the target group


    • Great effort and expense
    • Responsible for production and shipping
    • Possibly dissatisfied customers

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Paid content

Larger and more well-known sites in particular are leading the way: payment gateways that make content subject to charges. This might not suit every reader, because many have got used to the fact that there is free content on the Internet. Paid content can be introduced via a subscription model. In this way you create access to a member or premium area for paying readers.
Readers can access all content for a fixed amount per month – those who surf the site for free have to be satisfied with the lower offer. It is important that the issue is really worthwhile for readers and that added value is created. This is the only way to increase the number of subscriptions in the long term.


    • Closer connection with readers
    • Direct marketing on your own site
    • Monthly income


    • Must be installed on the side
    • Additional effort for paid content
    • Requires advertisements on social media to attract readers

Guest Posts

You can use your writing skills to guest post on other portals, sites, and blogs. As a rule, these are not paid for directly, but they are doing something for the marketing of your blog in the long term. You will become better known, reach new readers on other sites and make a name for yourself as an expert in your field.
This is how even unpaid guest posts pay for themselves to build a successful blog and earn money with it. Guest posts are a good option, especially if your page is comparatively small.


    • Promote you on other sites
    • Possibly regular contributions
    • Backlinks to your own blog


    • Effort for content on another side
    • No direct income
    • Success difficult to measure

Sponsored Posts

If you have already built a certain reach with your blog and are addressing a targeted audience, you can offer sponsored posts. In doing so, you publish contributions from other companies or sites in which they advertise their own products in addition to content.
You mark these accordingly on your page to inform readers that this is paid advertising. How much you get for such a sponsored post depends on the reach of your blog. However, don’t overdo it. Readers don’t like it when much of the content published is advertising.


    • Lower expense
    • Can be very lucrative
    • Supplement to your own content


    • No regular income
    • Requires a certain number of readers


Some readers are quite willing to pay a small amount for content – even voluntarily. You can take advantage of this by setting up the option to make donations. This works, for example, via PayPal or other providers.
You cannot make a long-term living off of it. However, it is additional income and, especially at the beginning, when the blog is still small, a good option for making any money at all.


    • No advertising needed
    • Readers’ voluntariness
    • Easy implementation


    • Irregular income
    • Difficult to combine with other options
    • Requires regular readers


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