Install Slack on Ubuntu 22.04: A Comprehensive Guide

Slack is a widely used team collaboration tool that enhances communication and project coordination. It offers a variety of features such as channels for team discussions, direct messages for private conversations, file sharing, powerful search capabilities, and integrations with many third-party applications. Here’s how you can install and use Slack on Ubuntu 22.04.

Method 1: Slack install on Ubuntu 22.04 via Flatpak

Flatpak is a universal package management system that allows you to install and manage applications in a secure and isolated environment.

Flatpak installation

Flatpak doesn’t come pre-installed on Ubuntu 22.04; hence, you’ll need to invoke the following command to install it:

sudo apt install flatpak -y

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After the installation is complete, execute the following command to restart your system:


This approach ensures you’re always equipped with the most recent version of Slack. Here’s how you can install Slack on Ubuntu 22.04 using Flatpak:

Enable Flathub: Flathub is the de facto standard for getting applications packaged with Flatpak. To enable Flathub, open your terminal and execute the following command:

flatpak remote-add –if-not-exists flathub

Install Slack: With Flathub enabled, you can now install Slack using the flatpak install command. Run the following command in your terminal:

flatpak install flathub com.slack.Slack -y

This instruction allows you to fetch the most recent version of Slack from the Flathub repository, ensuring you’re always up-to-date with the latest features and improvements.

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Uninstalling Slack in Ubuntu using Flatpak

To uninstall Slack installed via Flatpak, use the following command:

flatpak uninstall –delete-data flathub com.slack.Slack

This command removes Slack and its associated data from your system.

Method 2: Installing Slack on Ubuntu 22.04 via Snap

Snap is another package management system that allows you to install applications across various Linux distributions. Here’s how you can install Slack on Ubuntu 22.04 using Snap:

Install Slack: Open a terminal on your system and type the following command:

sudo snap install slack

This command installs Slack on your system.

Uninstall Slack on Ubuntu 22.04

To uninstall Slack installed via Snap, use the following command:

sudo snap remove slack

This command removes Slack from your system.

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Using Slack on Ubuntu 22.04

After installing Slack, you can launch it from your applications menu or by typing slack in your terminal.

If Slack has been set up via Flatpak, the following command can be utilized to run it:

flatpak run com.slack.Slack

Once you’ve launched Slack, you can log in with your existing account or create a new one if you don’t have one yet.


Slack is a powerful tool for team collaboration that’s easy to install and use on Ubuntu 22.04. Whether you’re part of a small team or a large organization, Slack can help enhance communication and coordination among team members.


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