How to install Signal Messenger on Linux via Flatpak

Signal, the secure messaging service, already has a dedicated desktop application for Windows, MacOS and Linux, and in this tutorial, you will see how to install the Signal messenger on Linux via Flatpak.Signal app is an encrypted chat application for iOS and Android. An alternative to WhatsApp, Signal allows you to send messages to other people who use the service. It also enables you to create and participate in group conversations and make voice and video calls to other users. All chats are protected using end-to-end encryption. In addition, the codes in the app allow you to check the connection.

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Signal messenger desktop

The service is not just for those who consciously want privacy and security, as Signal is a simple and easy to use alternative to other messaging services centered on mobile devices.

Until recently, the only way to continue encrypted chat from your phone to the desktop was by using an extension for the Google Chrome browser . This feature has been discontinued and replaced by a new program based on Electron, a multiplatform technology.

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The desktop version of the program has all the features of the Signal web App that it replaces, which means that you can quickly pick up and continue your private conversations on the desktop. It is also simple to use. You have a chat list on the left side of the screen. Click on a conversation and its contents will be displayed on the right.

The Signal desktop application allows you to:

  • Read and send messages
  • Send / set the timer for message disappearance
  • Change theme (includes dark theme)
  • Import groups and contacts
  • Check / verify the encryption keys
  • Reset a session.

Remember: you still need the mobile app

To use Signal, you must also install the Signal app on your Android or iOS device, as in WhatsApp, the services use your mobile number for authentication. So use one of the links below to install on your smartphone:

Install Signal on Google Play

Install Signal on the App Store

Once the program is installed on your smartphone, you can go ahead and install the desktop version, using the procedure below.

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Installation of Signal Messenger using Flatpak

To install Signal messenger on Linux via Flatpak you need to have support for this technology installed on your system. If not, proceed as shown below.

Step 1. Open a terminal

Step 2. Invoke the command below and be patient, as it can take few minutes :

flatpak install –from

Step 3. To update Signal, run the command:

flatpak –user update org.signal.Signal

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Step 4. And if you need to uninstall the program, run the following command on the terminal:

flatpak –user uninstall org.signal.Signal


flatpak uninstall org.signal.Signal

Now, when you want to start the program, type flatpak run org.signal.Signal in a terminal.

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