Top 5 Marketplaces to Find Engineering Contractors

Want to launch a small business or startup and need the support of professionals to succeed? Engineering contractors are the solution! Meet 5 marketplaces where you can find them.

In 2021, finding and hiring world-class engineering contractors will allow small business and startup owners to secure the greatest talent around the globe while minimizing overhead expenses. An increasing number of startups, especially in the manufacturing sector, are making an effort to enrich their teams by connecting to global engineering contractor pools, increasing efficiency across numerous business operations from web development to marketing strategies.

Well, what is the greatest approach when it comes to finding and hiring engineering contractors for your business or startup? You should check several reputable B2B engineering marketplaces to easily and quickly reveal engineering experts. You can find rare engineering contractors at Engre. By the way, this is the number 1 resource from our list of the top 5 marketplaces to find engineering contractors.

Engre is acknowledged as one of the newest but already reputable world engineering B2B marketplaces. This platform to search engineering businesses and contractors was generated to empower businesses and startups with solid partners internationally. The marketplace’s clients are mostly business owners, PMs in advanced solution design, startuppers, and vendors that want to find the greatest tech support. Engre helps companies both in getting more financial benefits and broadening the scope of services delivered to become a part of the global market of innovations.

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Why is Engre so special in comparison with other B2B engineering marketplaces? Forget about fishy freelance engineers when you collaborate with Engre. Every solution is built by 100% verified as well as certified professionals with appropriate experience and qualifications.

If you want to initiate a partnership with Engre in terms of assistance from engineering contractors, businesses are to register on the marketplace’s official website. They should fill in profiles and conduct a verification process. After that, businesses can begin looking for super skillful engineering contractors internationally.

In 2021, approximately 900 well-known engineering companies utilize Engre as the key resource to find engineers in the above 15 engineering sectors.


Upwork is another widely used B2b Marketplace where businesses and startups find engineering contractors to design win-win solutions. Implementing truly innovative search filters as well as limitless access to engineers’ experience history with ratings included, Upwork offers the space to get rid of any mismatch.

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Upwork suggests a comfy built-in chat, so interacting with engineering candidates throughout the hiring process is extremely simple. The marketplace possesses several membership tiers involving free access that delivers the job board and allows checking 3 contractors per job post. Users are not required to pay any money at this level, however, a 3% fee is to be gathered on any payment executed with the platform. The cost varies from 50 US dollars per month to 500 US dollars per month for an “all-inclusive” package.


While the majority of B2B marketplaces for contractors represent a wide range of experts from various fields, the plus of Toptal is that this resource contains exclusively engineering contractors. With just 4% of applicants to Upwork, the space collaborates with top-tier global engineering companies. The membership costs a fortune compared to other B2B engineering marketplaces, with a required initial payment of 500 US dollars.

The platform refunds the sum in case businesses or startups don’t move forward once a trial period is over. However, in case you decide to partner with a Toptal contractor you will pay that sum plus upward of about 70 US dollars per hour in contractor fees. Despite that, this is one of the greatest contractor sites for high-level solutions.

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In case a business or startup wants to find and hire a graphics engineer or design contractor, 99designs is the B2B engineering marketplace for you. Accentuating only this niche, 99designs delivers 2 strategies for contractors to receive the project. The first option presupposes the contest, while the second one is the private project. When applying the contest variant, businesses and startups submit proposals and get a big amount of contractors to select from. In case of a purchase, the design completely belongs to the buyer.

Such single solutions as logos are available at fixed prices as well. The membership within the platform costs between 300 US dollars per month and 1500 US dollars per month based on a project’s design requirements.


YouTeam is an engineering talent B2B marketplace that binds businesses and startups to engineering experts from around the globe. Here, customers can search for profiles/accounts of engineering contractors and organize individual interviews with them. Security is guaranteed because engineering contractors undergo a strict verification procedure.

Similar to Engre, YouTeam has also started rejecting partnerships with unknown freelance engineers to maintain safety and satisfaction from clients. What is exciting is that companies can establish a partnership with engineering contractors without a Project Manager performing as an intermediary.

As a result, you can collaborate with the engineering team remotely, resembling the work with freelancers, however, your interrelation is as credible as with a full-time in-house team.


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