What types of motion videos exist

Due to the development of technology, more and more web pages use special videos that attract the attention of site visitors. This trend is becoming more popular every day. Many of these videos are made using motion graphics, but what does that mean? In this article, we will take a closer look at what animation graphics are and what types of them exist.

Definition of motion graphics

As a basic definition, motion graphics is known as the evolution of traditional graphic design, to motion sequences.

As we all know, movies and videos are made up of a series of static images that play sequentially over a timeline and create a sense of movement.

When we talk about motion graphics videos, we mostly mean graphic design techniques (texts + graphic elements + colors) and not character animation.

Sometimes people mistakenly refer to this type of video as having animated characters, but the main elements in this type of video are typography, graphic icons, and geometric shapes, often accompanied by actual video images.

Creating such videos requires special knowledge and skills. Therefore, most site owners prefer to contact specialists directly and order motion graphics.

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Basic types of animations

Let’s move on to the main types of videos that are actively used on web pages today.

2D Animation

Videos with predominantly vector animation or traditional cartoon animation are characterized by simple strokes or limited perspective, in general, lighting effects are simple.

These methods are familiar to almost everyone because they are widely used in cartoons and are relatively quick to produce compared to other methods. Today, the term vector animation is widely used because they are drawn in some kind of graphics program, and not drawn as it was traditionally.

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3d Animation

Videos with objects or characters with highlighted three-dimensional forms, where we can easily see different points of view and angles.

Another of the main characteristics of this technique is the use of lighting effects, which are often very realistic, making it ideal for representing objects that would be difficult to replicate in reality, such as using previews or animated characters. hyper-realistic, like talking animals or superheroes.

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In most cases, they are made with still cameras or digital film cameras. Its main characteristic is the use of static figures, objects, or characters that move frame by frame, creating a sense of movement.

This type of technique is often used in feature films for cinema, there are many famous titles at animation festivals around the world, and this classic genre has regained prominence with directors such as Tim Burton.

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What genres exist in motion graphics?

Among the genres that we can see today, some of the most popular on the Internet in recent times are explanatory videos and corporate videos due to the ability of this type of content to explain abstract and complex ideas in a short time.

Our brain processes information much faster, and if we add emotionality to this. This means viewers feel involved and feel represented, thereby increasing the topic of recall and retention of the message by a much larger percentage.

Animated videos are our future. Such videos are used and will continue to be used. This is a great way to get your message across or tell a brand story. At the same time, you can easily interest a potential client and attract his attention.

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