Best Free Graphic Design software for Linux

In today’s digital world, we often need graphic contents that are visually appealing to the eye. Whether they will be used in a website, advertisement poster or other purposes, eye-catching graphics can pay big dividends can make viewers more attracted to the content. All the stunning graphic work is done by graphic design software these days. In order to create nice graphic designs, you will surely need some good software. In this article, we will list down the best graphic design software available for Linux along with a brief description of each of them.

LibreOffice Draw

LibreOffice Draw is an open-source graphic design and editing tool. It comes built-in with LibreOffice Suite. It offers useful tools like shape tool, curve tool and many more. LibreOffice draw can be used to make logos, drawings or even blueprints. You can use LibreOffice to import files of various formats like .pdf, .vsd and export them to other formats. This tool is widely used for making Flowcharts and picture galleries. Some highlighted functions of LibreOffice draw are:

  • Support for 3d as well as 2d objects.
  • Inbuilt layer management.
  • Templates can be imported from different file formats.
  • Guide for Beginners.

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Krita is an open-source Graphic editing tool. You can carry out professional photo editing with the help of this tool. It is designed primarily for digital painting. It comes with the latest brush engine, masks, layer management, accelerated canvas from Open-GL, and many more customizations. Some highlighted features are described below:

  • Krita has good frame rates with good quality and fluid UI.
  • Customizable toolbar.
  • Comes with color model support for CMYKA, XYZ, RGBA and many more.
  • Color depth support for 8, 16-bit integers and 16, 32-bit floating points.

Download Krita Linux | Krita Ubuntu using this link:

And install it by following this tutorial:


GIMP is the short form of the GNU image manipulation program. It is an open-source graphic editing software. It is highly versatile because it can be used by professionals for photo editing as well as for simple painting tasks. It can also carry out conversion of image formats and picture galleries creation. Some of the most useful features of GIMP are given below:

  • It can be used as an online batch processing tool.
  • Photo editor for professional photo editing.
  • Support for scripting to automate complex tasks.
  • GFig plug-in support.
  • Different file format support.

You can download the source code for GIMP Linux from this link: and get a ton of tutorials on Google on how to install it.

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Blender is a top-class graphic creation software. It is made available with Artists in mind. It can be used to create 3d interactive content with real-time 3-D engine. Blender is used to create animations, textures, non-linear editing, scripting and many more. Below are the most useful features of blender:

  • 3-D objects including polygons, mesh modeling, and Python scripting.
  • Support for shading and subsurface scattering.
  • Particle system for simulating particles.
  • Real-time 3-D engine.
  • Ray tracing technology for more beautiful graphics.

Download Blender from the links provided below:

For 64-bit Users:

For 32-bit users:

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Inkscape is an open-source counterpart of adobe illustrator. It is a free vector editing tool made available for Linux. It is the best tool for illustrator designers. If you are professional or just want to learn vector designing, this is the best tool which is available for free. The only downside to this tool is that it is only available for 64-bit users. 32-bit users are out of luck. You can download this tool for free from the link provided below:

Download Inkscape Linux | inkscape Ubuntu:


Pixie is an open-source ray training tool for creating realistic images. It can read RIB and packs support SL shading. It also has an inbuilt support for RenderMan. It can also handle C and C++ libraries in order to link your work with other applications. Below are some highlighted features of Pixie:

  • Point, curves and line support.
  • Polygon meshes support.
  • Multi-level execution support.
  • Photon mapping for particle simulation.
  • RenderMan Support.


While there are dozens of excellent linux graphic design software in the market,  these are the best graphic design tools for Linux that are currently available for free. Whether you are a professional or a novice, you might want to give these a try .

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