Writing Outstanding Headlines for Your Ecommerce with SEO Intent

So, you are ready to step up your eCommerce game. One great way to do just that is to start implementing SEO-guided headlines in everything you write, be it articles, products, and even videos.Having engaging headlines makes sure that impressions don’t become, well, just clicks. While maintaining room for creativity, you can still demonstrate value quickly and directly.

As many SEO experts agree, it’s not yet a set science, but you can use our tips for a proven outline of successful headline writing. But for a start, try to keep these 3 things in mind:

  • Relevance – Headline needs to be relevant to your eCommerce, if you are selling truck tires, we don’t want people looking for honey to visit us, right?
  • Keywords – Headlines that contain a keyword help potential visitors to find you. Having an anchor for search engines to find your title helps with better numbers.
  • Interest – This is all you, writing a creative headline is supposed to capture the interest at first and then engage the visitor to explore and generate more interest!

Now that we have the main guidelines for SEO eCommerce headline writing, let’s start with some more in-depth tips on how to drive more traffic to your website.

Go for the Emotions

It all starts with quality. If you don’t have high-quality content yet, you can use this definitive guide to creating great content. Now let’s start again, you have great content, but in order to be found, you need to capture the interest through short and limited headlines for your eCommerce. 

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Using different words and phrases you can poke at various emotions like exclusivity by using only and VIP or surprise with words like awesome and unbelievable. 

Aiming for the emotions can inspire haste with time-limited offers, and add personality to your eCommerce, adding SEO value through headlines.

DR4WARD: What Are 180 Plus Power Words For Writing Emotional Headlines? #infographic

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Stick with your brand

No matter what your eCommerce website is selling, it is important to have an established style. Setting your eCommerce business as a brand has multiple benefits including differentiating yourself from the competition. 

Writing headlines with SEO intent is a lot easier if you already have a brand and you use established colors, fonts, even words that resonate with your audience. If you are just starting out as a smaller eCommerce business there are plenty of reasons to use influencer marketing to jumpstart the branding process.

Know Your Audience

This is the key to not just content marketing but also to really hitting the target with your eCommerce SEO headlines! Put simply, there is no eCommerce without an audience. If you know your product or service, then you need to know what type of people need it. 

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Knowing your target audience essentially allows tweaking keywords in your headlines to maximize SEO reach towards the correct potential customers. Fortunately, there are a lot of free tools to pinpoint demographics that you want to reach depending on the platforms you are on. Using Google Analytics on your eCommerce website grants you huge insights into what content works and what doesn’t. If you lag at some articles, you can use rewriting tools to improve them.

Using your knowledge about your audience in headline writing will make sure that it reaches and piques the interest of high-quality clicks and will help you to jump in front of competition on search engines.

Be Different

SEO headline writing might look straightforward, but it still allows you and encourages your eCommerce to be different from the competition. Since the SEO scene is flooded with research and keyword analysis, there will be only one way to stand out, by making your brand’s image visible through the headline.

Adding keywords tied to your niche is relevant in boosting the eCommerce SEO score, but adding tidbits of your personal touch will allow visitors to see authenticity and difference from lab-crafted headlines!

If you’re not a creative writer, it can be really hard to find the formula for standing out and being different. You can use this resume and cover letter writing site for help. When you’re working with professionals, they can also take care of audience testing and multi-testing of different headlines.

Length Matters

Having long headlines might seem optimal for bringing point and intrigue across to the reader, but the practice has shown that shorter headlines are currently favored by the algorithm. 

For eCommerce headlines, the rule of thumb is to go for less than 10 words. It is challenging to be able to attract and retain attention while having to include relevant keywords for a great SEO score.

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Keep in mind that the length of eCommerce headlines is in constant flux so you might have to change it up a bit after algorithm updates.

Bonus Tips

  • Offer value – Since you know your audience you know what they need. Offer something of value for them; otherwise, they won’t click.
  • Use numbers – Headlines with numbers are shown to perform better than those without since they seem more clear.
  • Wonder how – Using the phrase “how to” in your headline might just give you top results since most quick searches are aimed to find solutions to a problem
  • Brief point – Headlines for your eCommerce shouldn’t be novels, but give the reader a sneak peek of relevant information for them.
  • Get excited – Don’t shy away from sharing the excitement with the audience, if you are passionate about your eCommerce and you show it, the audience will be too.


As we can see, having outstanding headlines for your eCommerce that are SEO optimized is not an impossible feat. Having brief headlines that are relevant to your audience and your brand’s audience makes sure they follow up on first clicks. If you want to reach higher up on search engines use keywords that are in demand but also about your eCommerce since it’s vital to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Targeting emotions is an effective way to spark interest, hence many “how to” questions and time-limited super exclusive offers in the headlines. Sparking interest is not enough since you have to keep the audience interested too, so great content goes a long way.

Even with a proven way to boost your SEO score like adding numbers, offering value, asking questions there is always one factor that will trump them all, being yourself and being passionate about what your eCommerce does!

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