10 Best Offline Shooting Games For Android

Updated on Jan 26th 2023 – Shooting games are a staple in the video game world, having been a hit since the early days of gaming. Lately, mobile gaming has boomed, and there are tons of offline shooting games for Android devices now. These games run the gamut from fast-paced first-person shooters to more thought-out and tactical games. We’re gonna take a look at the top 10 shooter games on Android that are all free to play. Keep in mind, some may have in-app purchases or ads.

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1 – Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile is a first-person shooter game brought to you by Tencent Games. It packs a punch with its diverse multiplayer modes, like team deathmatch and battle royale, plus a single-player campaign mode too. With sweet graphics and seamless gameplay, it’s no wonder it’s one of the best offline shooting games for Android.

Call of Duty Mobile download.

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2 – PUBG Mobile

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, AKA “PUBG Mobile,” is a battle royale game crafted by Tencent Games. It’s got a huge map where 100 players can duke it out, scavenging for weapons and gear while fighting to be the last man standing. With killer graphics and a highly immersive experience, “PUBG Mobile” is a must-play for fans of the battle royale genre.

PUBG Mobile download.

3 – Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Modern Combat 5: Blackout is a first-person shooter brought to you by Gameloft. It’s got a single-player campaign mode and a bunch of multiplayer modes, like team deathmatch and capture the flag. With killer graphics and seamless gameplay, it’s a top pick for the best offline shooting games on Android.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout download.

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4 – Sniper 3D Gun Shooter

Sniper 3D Gun Shooter is a first-person shooter made by Fun Games For Free. It’s got a bunch of missions, like sniper missions and close combat encounters. It may not have the fanciest graphics or gameplay, but it’s still a blast to play. If you’re looking for a more laidback shooting game experience, this is the one for you.

Sniper 3D Gun Shooter download.

5 – Guns of Boom

Guns of Boom is a multiplayer first-person shooter brought to you by Game Insight. It’s got fast-paced gameplay and loads of weapons and gear to unlock. Although the graphics are simple, the game is still a hoot. If you’re looking for a more relaxed shooting game experience, this is the one for you.

Guns of Boom download.

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6 – Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2 is a first-person shooter made by PIKPOK. It’s got a single player campaign mode where you have to fight your way through swarms of zombies to survive. Even though the graphics and gameplay are simple, the game is seriously intense. If you’re a fan of zombie games, this is the one for you.

Into the Dead 2 download .

7 – Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends is a first-person shooter developed by MADFINGER Games. It features a variety of multiplayer modes, as well as a single player campaign mode. The game has impressive graphics and smooth gameplay, making it a top choice for offline shooting games on Android.

Shadowgun Legends download.

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8 – Critical Ops

Critical Ops is a first-person shooter game that is designed for both mobile devices and PC. It is set in a modern-day setting and features a variety of game modes, including team-based deathmatch and objective-based modes. The game has realistic graphics and smooth gameplay, making it a popular choice for players who enjoy shooting games. One of the unique features of Critical Ops is that it allows players to customize their weapons with different skins and attachments. It also has a ranked matchmaking system, allowing players to compete against others of similar skill level. Critical Ops is a great offline shooting game for Android as it can be played without an internet connection, making it perfect for playing on the go.

Critical Ops download.

9 – N.O.V.A. Legacy

N.O.V.A. Legacy is an offline first-person shooter game that is set in the future and follows the story of Kal Wardin, a retired veteran who is called back into action to save the human race from a hostile alien race known as the Volterites. The game features high-quality graphics, a variety of weapons to choose from, and different game modes including campaign, multiplayer, and special ops. Players can also unlock new weapons and armor as they progress through the game.

NOVA Legacy download

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10 – Pixel Gun 3D

Pixel Gun 3D is another popular offline shooting game that is set in a blocky pixelated world. Players can choose to play in a variety of game modes including survival, deathmatch, and cooperative multiplayer. The game features a wide range of weapons and customizations, as well as the ability to create and customize their own skins. Players can also participate in daily challenges and special events to earn rewards and unlock new content.

Pixel Gun 3D

Pixel Gun 3D download


There are many excellent offline shooting games available for Android devices. These games offer a variety of gameplay styles, including first-person shooters, tactical shooters, and arcade-style shooters. Some of the top games in this category include N.O.V.A. Legacy, Critical Ops, Pixel Gun 3D, and Modern Combat 5. Each of these games offers unique features and gameplay mechanics, making them suitable for different types of players. Whether you are a fan of fast-paced action or tactical strategy, there is an offline shooting game for you on Android.


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