How to exit Vim editor

When you are using the VIM editor on Linux and you would like to exit, you just need to follow the tips below. First press the Esc key in order to access the Normal mode. Now to access the Command-line mode, you can just type in : . (more…)

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Gunzip command in Linux

Gunzip It is a utility that decompresses already compressed files such as images, documents, audio tracks, etc . Gunzip accepts many file extensions such as .gz, -gz, _z,.z, -z , .Z, .tgz or .taz. After (more…)

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How to create a Sudo user on Ubuntu

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Normal users can acquire administrator privileges which is usually held by the root user, via the sudo command.  In this short article, you will find an easy way to create a powerful new user who will have sudo (more…)

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