Edifier Hecate G1000 Gaming Speakers Review: Add Some Fire

For hardcore gamers, the gaming area is their sanctuary, harmonious and functional space for relaxing comfortably with their favorite hobby. To organize the computer table in a stylish way, besides the best desktop computer for gaming under 500, youneed the appropriate peripheral equipment. It can be something like the Hecate G1000, a gaming speaker system from Edifier.

Edifier also creates a variety of headsets, expensive Hi-Res and 5.1 systems. We have not checked out these devices personally. However, we have been using their active speakers for quite a long time and can confirm their durability and appropriate price for the sound quality of their products.

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Today we will review a gaming accessory – Hecate G1000 speakers. We will look at its attractive design, decent power, a number of interesting modifications, and a pretty nice price.


Nominal output power: 2.5 W + 2.5 W;

Maximum output power: 5 W + 5 W;

Dynamic range: ≤25dB (A);

Frequency range: 93 Hz – 20 kHz;

Interfaces: AUX, USB, Bluetooth v5.0.

Package and Design

The Hecate G1000’s box is small and lightweight, with a plastic handle and detailed color prints. The back of the box shows the speakers in three colors: soft pink, white, and black, just like our sample.

The Hecate G1000 is folded in a clear plastic container wrapped in polyethylene. A quick and complete user’s manual is included. A thick but not braided wire runs from each of the speakers.

The wires are joined by a small black controller. From here, they extend for about a meter and end with two different plugs: one is a 3.5-millimeter jack, the other is a USB port. The total length of the wires (from the speaker to the interface) is about two meters.

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Resolved to the front side, the Hecate G1000 has a cone shape, with six edges smoothed out at all corners. The speakers stand confidently on wide rubberized feet that prevent any unwanted slipping.

Black logos embellish the center of the metallic painted cones. LED diffusers (2 semi-circles) are wrapped around the hangers. The plastic on the front side is glossy, while the rest of the cabinet is matte. The right and left speakers are marked where the speakers are wired.

Features and Impressions

So, the Hecate G1000 has two sound modes. The first is configured for comfortable listening to music; the second is destined for gaming. In gaming mode, the speakers rearrange the frequency balance to accentuate dynamic effects, such as gunshots or explosions, which they do surprisingly well.

Two luminous minnows installed each on its side, color the brightest noises very nicely and lucidly broadcast their position and remoteness relative to the player. That is, if a grenade goes off near you, you will be deafened by the clattering noise; if you encounter a screamer, you will jump up on the chair.

The frequencies, in music mode, are actually arranged in a melodic series. The Hecate G1000 has the ability to handle high quality audio content perfectly given its modest sensitivity and its size .Of course, deep bass is out of the question, but everything else is perfectly balanced; each instrument is modest but clear and expressive.

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The speaker controller is very handy and functional. The Input-mode button allows you to quickly switch between AUX and USB audio inputs and enable wireless connection via Bluetooth 5.0 and hook up your smartphone or anything else to the speakers. A small indicator light turns blue, green, or red depending on the connection mode selected.

There is a volume control wheel on the side of the controller, and a large recessed button helps you select the desired LED effect. The Hecate G1000 has bright backlighting with 12 presets of aquamarine, red, green neon, blue, and lavender static. A preset mode is provided which displays very nice colors smoothly blinking from one to the other.


At low power, the sound of the speakers is smooth and clear. It’s really pleasant to listen to music if you listen to it at a moderate volume. That is, if you turn it on for yourself sitting in front of the monitor, not for the neighbors and random passers-by on the street.

The design of the Hecate G1000 is very attractive, from its compact size to the colorful backlighting. They look great and fit in perfectly with the general lighting generated by other devices on the gaming table.

The ability to connect two devices via different inputs and one more via Bluetooth is also an interesting option. Well, the game mode is an additional argument for gamers who are not always comfortable playing with headphones on.


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