Future of programming languages is brighter than you think

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Speedy, safe and smarter programming with lesser bugs. These are the things that creators often stay to appeal to programmers. Aren’t these the same buzzwords that programmers heard before?

According to Statista, 68% of respondents say that they use JavaScript and 63.5% prefer HTML/CSS. But these languages have their fair share of pros and cons.

Reliability and good practices are what we need for defining the future of programming languages so that innovations will work.

So if you already know the best software most startups are using, it’s time for you to know which programming languages will yield the best result for companies in the future.

Five top programming languages shaping our future

Read on to know how these five languages are shaping the future of programming languages.


The most in-demand programming language for 2021 is Swift which was launched by Apple Inc. six years back in 2014 when the newbies constantly struggled with writing in Objective C.

Swift is definitely revolutionizing the future of programming languages as it has removed the need for writing for iOs, tvOS, MacOs, and watchOS just like the modern code.

With more than half of the world becoming glued to their smart gadgets, this programming language is here to stay.

  • The syntax is concise and similar to the spoken English, which makes the coding eye-friendly and simple to learn for beginners.
  • The language also allows emojis to be used by developers and less prone to errors.
  • It comes with an automatic error prevention mechanism and memory management system.
  • Developers can write new modules that can be easily integrated with existing Objective C variants.

How ‘R’ is becoming the future of programming languages

R is fundamentally a programming language, but it’s more like a commander for the world’s current obsession with using data to uncover patterns.

  • It is designed by group statisticians and science experts with the intention to make their routine work simpler. It has got everything scientists need for making data-driven inventions.
  • It is an open-source language meaning that developers can add customized packages for new features.
  • The environment for statistical computing makes R a default choice for software development and creating web apps.
  • It is commonly used in machine learning for data evaluation and can be synchronized with technologies such as Spark, Apache, and Hadoop.


One of the biggest reasons why you should learn Python as a developer is that it will soon boost its utilization popularity.

  • Because of its simple and intuitive syntax, it is one of the easiest languages to learn.
  • According to the latest ratings by the TIOBE index, Python is set to overtake Java.

  • From artificial intelligence (AI) to machine learning and from the Internet of Things (IoT) to Big Data, Python plays a critical role in the future of programming languages despite being the simplest of all.
  • It is generally used to write the object-oriented, functional and procedural style of the development process for web and mobile applications.
  • With a large number of existing libraries and easy-on eyes syntax, Python is the top pick for big development teams.
  • Developers can produce machine learning algorithms with advanced Python versions. The diverse variety of modules and libraries such as TensorFlow, Numphy , make programming more comfortable.

Go is the future of programming languages

A survey concluded that programmers working on Go receive the highest average salaries equal to $132,000 annually. It is a programming language that was launched by Google in 2007.

Go is thriving in the software industry and portrays a bright future of programming languages.

  • In the future, it can be used in enterprise application development and save large-scale engineering projects from pains such as extensive compilation time, incomplete documentation, dependency on numerous external libraries and mixing of programming styles.
  • It is easy and simple to work with, as it contains a minimal selection of concepts as compared to Java, C, and C++.
  • It is a product of Google which means it is a future-proof language and comes with high-end security.
  • It is an open-source programming language, comes with advanced features, and is less prone to mistakes that create bugs.
  • Garbage collection is a unique feature that frees up memory.

Kotlin, better than Java

Powered by the team at Jet Brains team in 2015, Kotlin was made in an attempt to make something better than Java. After Go, Kotlin is the trendiest and fourth-most loved programming language and appears to be the native language of the 2021 and beyond (Developer Survey Results, 2019).

What makes it also the future of programming languages?

  • It is becoming the most adored programming language in the Github community
  • According to a report, more than 50% of android developers are using Kotlin right now.
  • It is embraced by Google in 2017 for android app developers. Basecamp, Pinterest, and Expedia have already moved to Kotlin for their Android apps.
  • It’s quite similar to Swift in terms of syntax, which means developers can write native code for iOS and Android.
  • It has a clean and simple code when compared to Java. It simply means that you need to type, test, and maintain less code which significantly increases developer productivity.


It’s hard to generalize which programming languages will define the future of programming, but at least these five programming languages are promising faster, secure, and efficient coding that’ll surely help developers increase their productivity levels. Some of the classic languages are here to stay forever, but the new updates make them look new.

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