The importance of the Black Lives Matter movement

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It is sad to see that an ancient problem of racism is still relevant in this modern world. The BLM movement is ]is trying to change that fact. One of the main goals of the BLM movement is to raise awareness that we all have the chance as a society to beable to live together peacefully and the protestors speak out mainly about systematic racism and police brutality.

The black Lives Matter movement firstly started as an online movement back in 2012, created by a couple of Black community organizers, after the shooting of an unarmed black teenager named Martin by a neighborhood watch volunteer named George. The movement started using the hashtag #blacklivesmatter on almost every social media platform to try and raise awareness and show people the importance of equality. Although, as many free essays on black life matters state, 2012 was just the beginning of a movement that is going to make a huge change.

The movement continued to expand in 2014 after two unarmed black men, Michael Brown and Eric Garner, were killed by the police. Eric was killed by being illegally choked, and Michael was shot. After that, an even larger protest began and captured national and international attention. The BLM movement continued to play a huge role in demonstrating against racism and brutality of the police. And in 2020, some of the biggest protests happened due to the death of George Floyd. George was killed by a police officer who knelt on his neck for a couple of minutes and ignored his screams that he couldn’t breathe. That was the final straw that drew huge attention to this problem.

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BLM activists are constantly trying to draw attention in various ways. They tried to fight the racism problem by writing complaints, protests, and political actions, and even some teachers from universities around the US engaged the students to write free essays on racism and started implementing these issues in their lessons. They use those essays as a way to inspire young adults to fight against this problem. Black Lives Matters have many goals, although the main thing they seek is to combat the brutality of the police, the abuse that is committed from for-profit jails, and the over-policing of the minority neighborhoods.  

African Americans simply want to experience the same life that white Americans experience. Some of the other problems they have to face are inequality in the education system, and some schools even prohibit black students from wearing their natural hairstyles. They also have a harder time finding jobs and usually are offered lower rates.

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The Black life matters movement is not only followed by black people. Many people of color and even white people that are open-minded decided to take a step ahead and join the movement. So you may ask why BLM is important? And why are we not saying All Lives Matter? Well, all lives matter, stands for equal life for everyone. However, not everyone faces the racism, violence, and discrimination that black people have to face every day. And if the “All Lives Matter” slogan was used, then that issue would be completely ignored, and as the “Black Lives Matter” says, of course, that every life matters, but not everyone lives in danger because of the color of their skin. So Basically, they are saying that Black lives should matter as much as white lives do.

So if you want to join the movement, you should start by educating yourself and understanding why do black lives matter and what are the issues that black people are fighting against. With that being said, it is important to know that if we all work together, we can make a huge difference, and when finally, racism ends and black people get free, everyone will get free.






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