How to Browse Different Genres on Netflix

Netflix is one of the leading streaming services in the industry, thanks to its diverse list of movies/TV shows, which includes classics, the latest, and originals from the SVoD itself. However, what if I told you there’s more to Netflix than meets the eye?

You see, Netflix has a list of hidden genres that can only be accessed using secret codes. These genres go beyond the traditional Action, Drama, Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi categories and allow you to explore more specific titles based on your interests.

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How to Browse Different Genres on Netflix: Easy Steps

Netflix secret codes allow you to specify what kind of a movie/TV show you want to watch further. Unfortunately, most binge-watchers aren’t aware that over 27,000 Netflix codes can help them discover titles based on their likes and moods.

The following URL format will help you to browse different genres on Netflix: After the /genre/ tag, you put the code relating to the specific Netflix category you want. Below is a list of some popular codes:

  1. Action & Adventure (1365)
  2. Adventures (7442)      
  3. Anime (7424)
  4. Classic (31574)
  5. Children & Family (783)
  6. Comedies (6548)
  7. Dramas (5763)
  8. Documentaries (6839)
  9. Horror (8711)
  10. Miniseries (4814)   
  11. Romantic (8883)
  12. Sports (4370)
  13. Sci-fi & Fantasy (1492)
  14. TV Shows (83)
  15. Thrillers (8933)

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You should know that each genre has various subgenres to cover all areas of user interest. Some of these categories do not even appear in Netflix research. So, it is pretty easy to find the best films on Netflix Australia or any of your favorite content using hidden codes.

How to Use Netflix Codes?

To use Netflix codes, follow the below steps.

  1. Prepare notes of Netflix secret codes for your favorite genres.
  2. For instance, you noted the code 4370 for sports.
  3. Enter this code at the end of the given URL and press enter.
  4. The URL will look like this
  5. It will redirect you to sports movies that you may have never seen before!

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Netflix Secret Codes Troubleshoot

Even after using the correct code, if you see that content is not accessible. It might be because of the unavailability of that content in your country. It is pertinent to mention that the Netflix library differs for countries due to copyrights.

The US Netflix has the most extensive library across the world. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t access the library outside the United States. Fortunately, VPNs have resolved this problem. They enable you to access the US Netflix library.

All you need to make sure is that the VPN is reliable. Free VPNs are not secure and fast, often cause interruption that ruins your streaming experience. Therefore, avoid the “free” bandwagon at all costs and follow these tips to boost your Netflix security.

Wrapping up

Netflix always cares for its users. That’s why it has created secret codes to save their time. So, you can easily browse different genres. However, you should know that secret codes will not help you to access blocked content. To do so, you will need a reliable VPN!

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