Best 8 sites to download subtitles for Movies and tv-shows

Watching movies in a foreign language can be difficult for most people, so whenever you have a good movie or series in hand, you need to download subtitles in your language.

Searching for these subtitles is not always an easy task either, as sometimes we find sites with many pop-ups or that are even fake.

So to help you download subtitles for movies and series we will bring you a list of the top sites in 2021.


Perhaps the largest site on the Internet with subtitles for both films and series. It has many languages and is one of the most used on the international scene thanks to its extensive database. It is, in fact, the subtitle provider that many players use by default, and it has very up-to-date subtitles.

You can search for your caption in the search box. Enter the name of the movie or series.

After selecting the movie or series, you will have several options to download subtitles for tv series or movies, just select one. I always prefer the ones that have more downloads and accesses.

One of the main drawbacks of this website is that quantity is preferred rather than quality. Many subtitles are uploaded, but they contain errors.

When you click to download, a pop-up will automatically open to install a Google Chrome extension, which you can simply close (no need to install)

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Therefore, if you are looking for official subtitles for content in English or German or Spanish with the highest quality, this is the best website you can use.


Tv subtitles has many subtitles for movies and series. It also has a clean and easy to navigate interface.

It is an ideal alternative to look up subtitles in series, but very limited to English language.

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Operation is easy and intuitive. At the top we find a menu with categories: series, new, top, movies. On the main page we find the last subtitles added or which are the most downloaded subtitles.

Addic7ed is one of the largest in the world in terms of original subtitle translation. The team is in charge of putting subtitles on films and series of all kinds, whatever the language or regardless of their source (for example, if they are only available in the cinema).

Easy Subtitles, as its name suggests, is an easy and ideal website if what you want is not to have to search for the subtitle on the web. All you have to do is drag the video file , and the corresponding subtitles will automatically appear. There is content with which it does not work, but for example for films you will not have a major problem.

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Podnapisi is an international website that also has a multitude of subtitles in English, but we also find many in other languages. Unfortunately, the subtitles are added quite late, although if the subtitles you are looking for are from older content, you may be in luck.

It is another of the classic sites for downloading subtitles, with a name and approach very similar to that of, mentioned above. The interface is very simple and clean , and it does not have much advertising. It has one of the most comfortable designs when browsing through it and it is also easy to find what we want thanks to the fact that at the top we can choose if we want to go to the most popular, a complete list of series, new subtitles added , etc.

Subtitles Dev

The Dev subtitles has a pop-under that no matter where you click, will always see a new screen with an advertisement.

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But it is nothing that irritates you very much (just a little). You can pass. When you open the pop-under, just close it.

Good site with several movies and series options, when you click on your favorite subtitle, it will open some images and at the end of the screen it has the options to download the subtitle.

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