How to fix Powershell error: Running scripts is disabled on this system

In order to prevent malicious programs or more precisely scripts from being executed in an improper way on your system, Powershell security policy triggers the error: Running scripts is disabled on this system. All the scripts which are not signed willalso be blocked. In such circumstances, the execution policy is set as ‘Restricted’ which is the default mode.

In order to modify these policies, you can use the cmdlet Set-ExecutionPolicy.

To check first the current active policy, you may want to run the cmdlet Get-ExecutionPolicy as follows:

c:/> Get-ExecutionPolicy

This will return the code: Restricted

Now execute the cmdlet:

c:/> Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

For your information, here are the types of permissions that you can use with this cmdlet:

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It does not run any Powershell configuration scripts and/or files .

All Signed

It only executes configuration scripts and/or files that are only signed by a trusted publisher.

Remote Signed

Local or custom scripts must be signed beforehand by a trusted publisher..


Loads and executes all PowerShell configuration scripts .


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