iPhone Buying Guide: How Does the iPhone Color Affect its Resale Value

 By Pallabi Naidu The iPhone is an immensely popular product and fans around the globe love buying it due to the convenience and strict privacy options that it offers. Apart from sporting some truly amazing camera optics that can put several android phones to shame, the iPhone is built in such a way that its features stay relevant even years after they were launched. For example, people still buy the iPhone 11 even 3 years after its release. Why? Because each iPhone is made carefully incorporating such features that people find it relevant even after years. Also since the launch of the iPhone 5c Apple has been making the iPhone available in multiple colors so that consumers can buy an iPhone according to their suitable and preferred color. So if you are looking forward to start your wholesale iphone business then check this website out.

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In case you are wondering about starting a wholesale iPhone business then you might think of buying only standard colors since people might be reluctant to buy other colors. However, do note that each color has its own merit and so there will always be buyers, you just need to look in the correct place.

Here are some of the iPhone colors and what type of customers are likely to buy them.

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  1. Rose Gold- As the name suggests this is a color that has a tinted goldish view. It’s neither pure pink nor pure gold. It is called rose due to its pinkish tint and gold due to its mixing. Most girls and younger women will buy this color of iPhone. But lately the color pink is also being favored by guys and you can market your business as something on the lines of neoclassical thinking, feminism, etc. The pink color is very sober and cool looking and in an iPhone, it actually looks good but due to the old age mentality people associate this color with a girl’s favorite.
  2. Black- This is one of the most common colors of iPhones. Black is a favorite among those corporate guys and businessmen who prefer to carry their iPhone like something which has a lot of brawn. Black is used to signify a color that can absorb all the light hence it is black. So the people buying them will be primarily business users and power users who want more than a device to make a call.

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  1. Purple- This is another cute color that is found in iPhone 12 and others. Purple is actually a soothing color that most younger and mild aged people will be buying. The shade of purple that Apple used is a lighter one hence it will reflect back the light. Most people who are in their first job or mid to senior-level managers or homemakers in their late 30s will be buying this. So if you are reselling your purple iPhone do it according to the target audience.
  2. Green- This is a lighter shade of green more like a pistachio fruit. Most people with slightly mature thinking will buy this color of iPhone since the color green carries a deeper significance. The green-colored iPhone also can get dirty extremely quickly so most users would need to clean it regularly and also do maintenance. You can sell it for good value if your device is in a good condition and there is no color fade issue or anything else which happens due to prolonged exposure to the sun rays.
  3. Blue- Like the ocean this iPhone is that type of blue. Apart from Black, Silver, and White, this is the most popular color of the iPhone. The blue color of the iPhone is a little bit on the darker side so most people who prefer a subtle yet striking iPhone will prefer this color of iPhone. Gen-Z especially loves this color and if you are looking to sell your blue-colored iPhone then you can try finding such a type of customer.

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  1. Gold- There is a color rose gold and then there is gold. This color appeals especially to those people who want to have a striking colored phone. The color gold is neither too flashy nor too drab, so most people ranging from the 20s to 40s will be buying this color.
  2. (Product)RED- This is one of the most striking colors of the iPhone available in the market. What appeals to most people is the attention it brings along with it. You see when you place this RED iPhone in front of a group of people, they will automatically take notice of it. Such is the power of the color RED.

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People buy iPhones for all sorts of reasons but they buy the specific color of the iPhone due to personal preferences. So if you are considering selling your iPhone to a particular person or group then first check to see if the color matches their taste and preferences or not then proceed to offer them. Remember that the value of a product depends upon the people’s perception of it.


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