Top 10 Best iPhone Cache Cleaner Apps in 2023

Keeping your iPhone running fast and optimized requires regularly clearing out cache and junk files that build up over time. A dedicated iphone cache cleaner app makes iphone cache cleaning quick and easy. In this guide, we detail the top 10 apps for how to clear cache on iphone and free up precious storage space and system resources on your iOS device.

What is Cache on an iPhone?

Before jumping into the apps, let’s briefly explain what cache is and why clearing it on your iphone is beneficial:

  • Web browser cache – Saved web page data like images, scripts, cookies, browsing history. Clearing frees up storage space and enhances privacy by deleting tracking files.
  • App cache – Temporary app files that help launch and run apps faster. Over time cache accumulates and can cause sluggish performance.
  • Photo cache – Thumbnails and preview images generated by the Photos app. Deleting cleans up storage space.
  • Ad cache – Data used for advertising and analytics purposes. Removing provides greater privacy.
  • Game cache – Game data like scores, stats and temp files. Cleaning can fix game issues and lagging.

Now let’s look at the top 10 iphone cache cleaner apps for quickly wiping this unnecessary cached junk data from your iOS device.

How to Clear Cache on iPhone Apps

Over time, the apps on your iPhone build up cached data and files that can take up storage space and slow things down. Clearing this temporary app cache helps optimize your iPhone’s performance and storage capacity. In this article, we’ll look at simple ways to wipe cache from your iOS apps.

Use iPhone Storage Settings

The easiest way to clear cache for all apps at once is using your iPhone’s built-in Settings:

  1. Open the Settings app and tap General.
  2. Choose iPhone Storage.
  3. Wait for the storage usage information to load.
  4. Tap on any app, then tap Offload App. This will clear the app’s cache.
  5. Repeat this for each app you want to clear the cache for.

Offloading the app frees up space taken up by temporary files without deleting the app itself.

Delete and Reinstall the App

Another simple cache clearing solution is to delete the app and reinstall a fresh copy:

  1. Press and hold any app icon until the icons start wiggling.
  2. Tap the X icon on the app you want to delete.
  3. Open the App Store and reinstall the app.

Reinstalling gives you a completely clean version of the app with no built-up cache.

Use a Cache Cleaner App

For efficiency in clearing multiple apps, a dedicated cache cleaner app can help:

  • Open the app and tap Clean or Optimize.
  • It scans your device and shows a list of apps to clean.
  • Select which app caches you want to delete.
  • Tap Clean and it wipes unnecessary cached data from the chosen apps.

Cache cleaner apps provide an easy way to clear cache from many apps at once. We have compiled below, 10 cleaning apps for iPhone.

Regularly wiping cached data helps iPhone apps run faster and prevents cache buildup from consuming storage over time. Use these simple methods to keep your apps optimized.

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Cisdem is a versatile utility suite providing cache cleaning, storage recovery, app uninstalling, document management and more for optimizing your iPhone.

Key features include:

  • Cache Cleaner – One-tap deletion of app cache, cookies, browsing history, junk files and crash logs.
  • Duplicate Finder – Identifies duplicate photos, media files and documents for deletion.
  • App Uninstaller – Removes apps and associated files/data in one click.
  • Document Manager – Allows browsing, deletion, compression and sharing of files stored on your device.
  • WhatsApp Transfer – Extracts and exports WhatsApp messages and attachments to your computer.

With its wide range of optimization features beyond just cache management, Cisdem provides robust iPhone utility in a single toolkit. The combination of storage management, app control and file accessibility makes Cisdem a versatile pick.

iCleaner Pro

Trusted by over 30 million users, iCleaner Pro delivers top-rated performance optimization for your iPhone. It wipes cluttered cache, reclaims wasted storage space, and boosts speed with easy-to-use tools.

Key features:

  • Junk Wiper – Deletes unneeded temp files, partial downloads, logs and app cache.
  • Deep Cleaner – Digs out hidden iOS system junk other utilities miss.
  • Memory Boost – Closes background apps to free up RAM and improve performance.
  • Duplicate Finder – Identifies duplicate photos, videos and files for removal.
  • Storage Analytics – Interactive charts on storage usage by category help locate space hogs.

With fast, effective cleaning coupled with advanced optimization capabilities, iCleaner Pro provides stellar utility for keeping your iPhone in top condition. The trusted brand and 30 million users demonstrate its effectiveness.

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Phoneclean provides full iOS storage management and phone optimization beyond basic cache cleaning. It combines quick wipe features with advanced tools for complete control.

Key features:

  • Cache Cleaning – One-tap deletion of app junk, browser files, crash logs.
  • Duplicate Finder – Identifies duplicate photos, media and documents.
  • App Manager – Uninstalls multiple apps in batches to recover capacity.
  • Photo Compression – Reduces photo sizes without affecting quality.
  • Message Export – Backs up and exports iMessages to your computer.

Phoneclean’s wide range of optimization capabilities makes it great for both routine cleaning and maximizing iPhone utility for storage, apps and messaging.

Cleaner Pro

Cleaner Pro leverages intelligent algorithms to deliver deep cache cleaning and iOS optimization. Its smart storage analyzer scans all files on your device to identify bloated cached data and large unused apps for simple deletion.

Key features include:

  • Junk Cleaning – One-tap removal of residual files, crash logs, temp data, app cache and more.
  • RAM Boost – Closes background apps to improve memory usage and overall speed.
  • App Manager – Allows easy uninstalling of apps directly from the storage scanner results.
  • Advanced Analytics – Provides interactive visualizations of storage consumption by category and app.
  • iCloud Cleanup – Removes unwanted iCloud documents like notes, messages and more.

With advanced intelligence coupled with easy cleaning tools, Cleaner Pro provides expert-level iOS optimization in an accessible package.

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iMyFone Umate Pro

With over 5 million users worldwide, iMyFone Umate Pro is a robust iOS space cleaner and performance optimizer. It provides an all-in-one set of tools to reclaim storage, wipe junk files, and maximize iPhone speed.

Key features of iMyFone Umate Pro include:

  • Smart Junk Cleaning – Automatically detects and deletes unneeded iOS system files, app leftovers, crash logs, and cache clutter. This frees up wasted space.
  • Storage Visualization – Charts and graphs provide a breakdown of storage usage by category so you can see exactly what’s occupying space.
  • Duplicate Finder – Identifies duplicate photos, videos, music files and other media to merge and recover capacity.
  • Large File Detection – Flags large apps, videos, photos and files that may be good candidates for deletion or archival.
  • App Manager – Provides one-tap deletion of unused apps to free up additional capacity.

With robust analytics combined with automated cleaning, Umate Pro gives users full control and visibility over their iPhone storage and performance. It’s a top choice trusted by millions for complete iOS optimization.

SYS Activity Manager

SYS Activity Manager provides advanced iOS performance tuning and cache cleaning for expert users. It offers more configuration settings than basic cleaners while retaining accessibility.

Key features:

  • Selective Cache Cleaning – Choose exactly which apps/files get wiped during cleaning.
  • Junk Files Detection – Flags and removes bloated log files, temp data, partial downloads.
  • Detailed Storage Analytics – Interactive usage charts allow you to see the storage hogs.
  • RAM Manager – View and control which apps/processes are using your iPhone’s memory.
  • Task Manager – Stop or start system processes and services as needed for tuning.

For those seeking more advanced control over iPhone cache, storage, memory and overall performance, SYS Activity Manager strikes an excellent balance between customization and usability.

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Magic Phone Cleaner

Magic Phone Cleaner sets itself apart from other iOS cleaners with its use of proprietary algorithms to uncover hidden system-level cache that most utilities cannot detect or wipe. This allows for unparalleled deep cleaning.

Key features:

  • Advanced Cache Detection – Machine learning identifies hard-to-find cache junk.
  • Performance Optimization – Frees up RAM, kills useless processes impacting speed.
  • Residuals Removal – Scrubs out half-downloaded files, logs, temp data.
  • App Manager – Uninstall or reinstall apps right from the cleaner interface.
  • Storage Analytics – Charts provide granular insights into storage usage.

With clever AI to reveal unseen clutter coupled with advanced optimization, Magic Phone Cleaner offers the peak of iOS cleaning and performance tuning. For expert users, it’s a superior utility.

Clean Doctor

Clean Doctor makes iOS performance optimization accessible for everyone with straight-forward cache cleaning and battery boosting tools. It focuses on core utilities to speed up and extend iPhone life.

Key features:

  • Quick Clean – One button clears app cache, browser junk, crash logs.
  • Deep Clean – Wipes system temp files, iCloud clutter, voice mail.
  • Battery Saver – Adjusts settings to reduce power consumption.
  • Memory Boost – Closes background apps to regain RAM and speed.
  • App Manager – Uninstalls apps from the integrated library viewer.

While simple, Clean Doctor provides well-rounded maintenance for the essentials of wiping cache, boosting battery, and reclaiming storage via app removal. It’s cache cleaning simplified.

Boost Cleaner

True to its name, Boost Cleaner aims to boost iPhone performance through a combination of quick cleaning, storage recovery, and speed optimization tools. It streamlines cache management.

Key features:

  • Cache Cleaning – One tap delete for app/browser temporary files and history.
  • Residuals Removal – Wipes unneeded crash logs, temp data, partial downloads.
  • Speed Booster – Stops background processes to allocate more RAM for active apps.
  • App Uninstaller – Removes apps directly from the storage scanner results screen.
  • Ad Detector – Scans and deletes tracking/ad files that consume space and impact privacy.

For well-rounded utility that covers cache wiping, speed optimization and storage management, Boost Cleaner is a solid choice. The wide range of tools come together to boost iPhone performance.

Dr. Clean

Dr. Clean is yet another powerful cache cleaning app for iphone. takes the complexity out of iPhone cleaning and optimization. Despite advanced cleaning capabilities, it retains a simple one-tap interface for hassle-free cache wiping and performance boosts.

Key features:

  • One-Button Cleaning – Single tap clears app cache, browser temp files, and crash logs.
  • Residuals Remover – Detects and deletes unneeded iOS temp/system files.
  • Memory Optimization – Monitors active apps and frees up RAM as needed.
  • App Manager – Optionally remove unused apps after cleaning.
  • Lightweight App – Small utility footprint minimizes device impact.

Dr. Clean proves that even advanced utility doesn’t have to be complicated. It brings together robust cleaning and optimization in an accessible package that anyone can quickly master for lasting iPhone performance gains.

Keep Your iPhone Running Smoothly

Regularly using a dedicated ios cache cleaner is essential to keeping your iPhone optimized. Cache buildup gradually slows down performance and takes up precious gigabytes of storage. The top cache cleaner apps like CCleaner, Magic Phone Cleaner, iMyFone iCleaner and the others on this list all provide robust iphone cache clearing to recover storage space, speed up your device, and improve stability. Keep your iPhone in peak condition by frequently wiping unnecessary cached data and junk with these handy utility apps!


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