Marketing Strategies That Keep Floral Businesses on Top in The Industry

Did you know that the floral industry is worth a whopping 30B+ US dollars globally and more than $5 billion in the US alone?Yes, that’s right as far as statistics from 2022 are concerned. But as anyone would expect, competition is pretty stiff in this industry, especially if you are serving a regional or multinational client base.

Consequently, floral businesses that excel most are those that set themselves apart from the rest, a big part of which involves directing a tremendous amount of resources, time, and effort to marketing their floral products. This allows them to grow their customer base and increase sales enough to balloon their revenues over time.

With this in mind, here are some of the marketing strategies commonly used by floral businesses to stay on top in this competitive industry.

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Flexible Delivery Options

Needless to mention, customers will always expect their flowers to get to their destination promptly and while still fresh. Imagine sending a bouquet of flowers to someone on their wedding day, birthday, or another important ceremony, only for them to get there half-dead, three days later?

You will most likely not buy from such a florist ever again in the future.

Well, this is something that well-established flower businesses are very cautious about. It is also why the likes of the Bouqs offer an impressive next day flower delivery option alongside same-day delivery and delayed delivery depending on what suits the customer’s needs most.

Flexible delivery options can go a long way in determining whether or not a customer orders from you again or even dares to refer your service to another person.

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Floral Business Website Marketing

The internet is the most commonly used marketing method for many businesses nowadays. Especially when selling incredibly competitive products like flowers the last mistake you can afford is failing to have an online presence.

Some of the top flower businesses around the globe invest well in a user-friendly website that is mobile-friendly, visually captivating, fast-loading, search-optimized, and equipped with all the features that a flower customer would need for a satisfactory purchase experience.

Showcasing Products on Social Media

One of the biggest advantages that a flower shop with a growing social media presence has over the competition is brand visibility and customer accessibility. This allows their customers to have a constant, real-time look into the products available on sale as well as the quality of the products themselves.

Social media presence also allows flower businesses to provide their customers with personalized experiences, making them more likely to get referrals to new customers.

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Discounts and Coupons

Discounted deals and coupons are a proven, powerful way to grow a customer base, increase sales, and promote brand visibility. It especially works magic for products with a visual appeal, and this is something that top floral businesses in the industry take great advantage of.

Most of them actually go ahead and incorporate an email marketing system that offers price deals and online coupons personalized to customer preferences.

Video Marketing

People generally find it easier to relate to real-life images and videos than they do with fluff. This is why video marketing is among the most powerful digital marketing strategies in today’s world. If you are selling flowers and other products that are visually appealing, having visual and non-verbal ads that are tied to a background song can go a long way in promoting the success of your floral business.

Many successful flower businesses manage to reach out to a larger customer base using informative and fun videos on topics such as “how to preserve fresh flowers” or “ways to make a tulip bouquet”… the possibilities are endless!


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