Сurrent capabilities of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a completely new technology that not everyone is fully familiar with. Therefore, today we will find out what Artificial Intelligence can do.

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Let’s move on to the features and capabilities of AI.

Together, neural networks and machine learning give modern AI the ability to find certain objects in photographs and analyze seemingly unrelated information. But the capabilities of AI largely depend on algorithms created by humans and the array of data that is available to it. Errors in algorithms and information provided lead to inaccurate conclusions. This places limitations on artificial intelligence. For example, you can create an effective algorithm for facial recognition and teach AI to correct photographs of people with its help. But if trained on photographs of light-skinned people, he might be wrong when working on a photograph of a dark-skinned person.

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However, already today artificial intelligence can process huge amounts of data very quickly. Studying the initial information, he improves. For example, in the 20th century, it was believed that a sign of an effective AI is that it can beat a person at chess. Finally, in 1997, Deep Blue won a game against world champion Garry Kasparov. At the same time, Deep Blue was only an algorithmic program, and not full-fledged artificial intelligence. But after that the programmers proposed a new criterion – victory in the more complex tactical game “go”. This is a logic board game that originated in ancient China. Artificial intelligence defeated it in 2015 when Google’s AlphaGo network beat a seasoned adversary.

Where is AI used

AI is being introduced into those areas of life where it is necessary to process huge amounts of data and not only. But you can also take advantage of the power of artificial intelligence. For example, modern smartphones may have a program for automatic processing of photos using AI or a voice assistant that recognizes speech and follows your commands.

Artificial intelligence is useful for people of completely different professions: financiers and analysts use AI to predict risks and prevent financial fraud, AI forecasters can use AI to make more accurate weather forecasts, doctors – to make diagnoses, and teachers – to check students’ tests and essays.

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Artificial intelligence is even capable of creating works of art. In 2016, AI managed to create a completely new painting, exactly copying the painting technique of one of the world’s greatest artists, Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn. Moreover, the machine repeated not only the style and colors of the master, but also the plasticity of his strokes: using 3D printing, a unique texture of overlapping colors was recreated.

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Artificial Intelligence Perspective

Despite the obvious successes of AI, at present, such technologies do not always solve assigned tasks with high efficiency. It is still difficult for scientists to create a system that can learn and develop like the human brain. The main limitation is the person himself. People are not capable of quick analysis, we need time to find the optimal solution. And without the contribution of scientists, AI cannot be created. Also, blockchain development will be of great help in this area.


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