7 Must Have Social Media Tools In 2022 

Last updated on Feb 11th 2022 – By John Peterson – It has become impossible for brands and businesses to overlook social media these days because of the many benefits it entails. Brands can use social media to increase awareness, generate leads, gain more conversions, increase revenue, etc. It’s a long list of advantages. However, none of these happen by chance. It requires well-crafted and brilliantly executed strategies which take a lot of time. It also cuts across several activities and tasks ranging from creative jobs to data-based activities, and so on. 

The brand must have an excellent social media presence, and this takes time. Marketers juggle sharing content regularly to identify the latest trends, improve social media posts, identify the right influencers, work with them, reply to audience comments and customer feedbacks, etc. It is a lot of work to do. Still, they don’t have to do all of these by themselves. Several social media tools can help businesses handle these tasks, maintain their social media presence, and ensure that the brand’s social media strategy is executed flawlessly. 

There are several of these social media tools, and it may be difficult to choose one. This article from essay help authors looks at seven of the best social media tools to have in 2022.

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VistaCreate is a go-to graphic design tool for marketers and bloggers around the globe. It delivers one of the biggest libraries of the free design templates optimized to various dimensions: a Facebook event cover, Tumblr graphic, Instagram video story, Youtube channel art, Twitter ad, and many more. Its pre-made designs thematically cover all types of businesses and creative ideas, vintage and simplistic styles, events, and goals. You can tweak your designs in a no-brainer editor interface, e.g. choose from 1M+ creative assets (photos, videos, vectors), pick fonts to your liking, apply music and animation effects, and even remove image background with a click.

Sprout Social 

This tool allows businesses to schedule their posts across different social media platforms. They can also profoundly analyze the performance of their content and discover some of the fastest-rising trends in their industry. Sprout social also alerts a business when their brand or product is mentioned on social media or a topic being discussed on a social network related to the brand. This allows these businesses to be more responsive and improve their customer service delivery. It also comes with team management features like permission levels based on task assignments and roles. Check out Sprout Social pricing here.

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This tool was first created as a management platform for Twitter but has integrated other social networks efficiently over time. It is one of the most popular and well known social media tools which includes social media analytics, cross-network publishing, social media monitoring, etc. It ensures that businesses can efficiently manage their ads and optimize their social media campaign budgets. It also offers team management features but doesn’t display the team’s live activities. 

Hubspot social inbox tool

According to a recent essay writing service on the essayontime.co.uk online platform, this tool helps businesses optimize their social efforts while also saving valuable time. For example, companies can integrate different social media platforms with their blog, schedule posts, monitor mentions and messages to nurture new leads, etc. 

Hubspot social media integrates all marketing with the company’s CRM, and this makes it easy to note the number of leads and customers that a business is getting from social media directly. 


This is an effective tool for businesses to find the right influencers and bloggers from social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. BuzzSumo focuses on unfolding those involved that truly drive engagement beyond common vanity metrics. 

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It also offers businesses actionable insights into content related to their niche and their social media and web performances. It is easy to predict topics that will be going viral before they do. You also get information on the type of content that resonates best with your audience and see how your competitors perform in the market. 


This is one of the most popular graphic design tools in the market. It is easy to use and allows businesses to create on-brand graphics for their social media accounts. This tool has multiple templates for users to choose from, ranging from Instagram stories templates to Facebook banners, Twitter posts, etc. This makes it easy for you to create anything that you want without having to start from scratch. There’s a template for almost everything. 


This is an email marketing tool but has gone past use for just email marketers. It now integrates a suite for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter marketing tools, making it an all-in-one platform.

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MailChimp’s social media integration tool is made for small businesses and allows them to manage and retarget Facebook and Instagram ads and schedule posts. It also provides analytics for content performance along with design tools to repurpose past materials. 

According to an article on essay writing help UK platforms, the most significant benefit of this tool is that marketers can manage their social media and email marketing campaigns with the same tool. However, it works with select social media platforms and does not have listening or monitoring features. 

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Facebook ads manager 

It is uncommon for marketers to think of advertising campaigns that don’t include Facebook ads. This is what makes this tool an important one. This tool integrates with Facebook, whether through the desktop or mobile app version, and allows you to create, target, edit, and retarget ads displayed on Facebook, Instagram, or messenger. 

As mentioned by ninjaessay, it also provides vital analytic data on the performance of the campaign. For example, you get to find out about the ad’s reach, engagement, cost, audience demographic, placement and performance on other platforms, etc. It also has team management tools for assigning permissions and roles to team members.


It is challenging, if it’s possible, for a brand to execute its social media marketing campaigns and have an excellent social media presence without using social media tools.


John Peterson is a journalist with four years of experience working in London magazine “Shop&buy.” He is a professional mini-tennis player, and he has written a novel, “His heart.” You can find him on FB. jp4026291[@]gmail.com


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