Steve Jobs: What students can learn from him

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Do you want to learn how to take full advantage of life? Then, there’s no betterteacher than Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple who had held several careers from 1955 to 2011.

Steve Jobs’s life story has inspired so many individuals in the world. He was no engineer, neither did he have a college degree, but still he managed to Co-found and become the Chief Executive of Apple Inc, the most renowned company in the technology space.

Although long gone from this world, his memory still lives through the work of some famous movie directors and authors, as well as the people he inspired.

In this article, we’ll get some inspirations from several useful Steve Jobs speeches about life.

You Make Your Best Life

Before we can expound on this point further, here’s a list of a few things you should know about Steve Jobs.

· After being born out of wedlock to graduate student parents, they gave him up for adoption. The parents wanted a daughter.

· A working-class family adopted and raised him. His foster father was a mechanic.

· He never finished college because he dropped out after one semester.

· After getting fired from the company he co-founded in 1985, he founded NeXT (a computer platform system company). Apple later brought the company, and Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997 as the CEO.

· In 2003, Steve was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. For the next 8 years, he battled with the disease until his passing in 2011.

From this information, you’ll realize Steve never had a privileged life or path of success laid out before him. But despite all the challenges he went through, he never gave up, he never complained, and he never got paralyzed by his situation. In fact, the challenges he went through made him stronger.

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He made the best out of the little he had and created the life he wanted. Eventually, he became the CEO of the leading tech company in the world, found himself on the list of the richest men in the world, and gained the respect of all the people in the world even after his death.

So, when life gives you curveballs, don’t sit down and whine; take the curveball and throw it back at life, and create your home run. If you’re failing in certain subjects at school, don’t worry! There are thousands of people who are worse off. Brace yourself, read, do your assignments, and you will see your grades improving.

Travel the world and learn new things

In many of Steve Jobs speeches about life, he said that he traveled to India when he was 19. This travel experience broadened his perspective. Traveling to a distant land expanded his thoughts and opened his mind to unlimited possibilities. But traveling is only possible once you’ve completed your assignments.

Steve Jobs has touched the lives of many people, teachers, and students alike. That’s why he’s always considered as an example by many students when they write their essays. His life lessons echo through the mind of students who have read books or watched movies centered around him. Teachers also tend to use essay titles and research topic samples related to Steve Jobs to teach students about various life and work lessons.

In summary, Steve Jobs teaches us that the best way to broaden our horizons is to travel more when we have free time. This way, you can experience the different lifestyles and cultures of people living in various locations across the globe.

Learn from your failure

There are many examples depicting the failure of Steve Jobs, but regardless of these, he still overcame his failures and found a life for himself. For instance, before the success of the iPhone and iPod, Steve Jobs failed to launch the Apple III, Apple Lisa, Mac G4 Cube, and Macintosh.

His biggest failure perhaps comes when he brought the former Pepsi President, John Sculley, to Apple. After only two years, John convinced Apple’s Board of governors to fire Steve and restrict him to the ambassador role.

What followed was surprising. Steve founded a new company called NeXT. Apple later brought it for $400 million, granting Jobs the opportunity to come back to his company with more freedom than ever. According to Steve Jobs, being fired from his company was the best thing that ever happened to him.

When you have failed in school, it’s wise to take time off and analyze your situation; sometimes, this might bring you a new perspective and allow you to breathe. Use your time wisely to start a new project or to take the road you’ve least traveled.

Choose your company wisely

It was a norm for Steve Jobs to hire and surround himself with great minds. One such person was Steve Wozniak, who Steve hired for his knowledge on how to build computers. Other prominent individuals who worked with Steve include Tim Cook and Lasseter, who helped Steve achieve significant success in making Apple a renowned brand in the world.

By surrounding yourself with influential people, you can achieve success. Don’t allow your ego to dictate who you select to interact and work with.


Students should regard Steve Jobs as a true legend who always led by example. He has an amazing and inspiring story that should instill a sense of creativity, communication, and persistence in all students across the globe.

We hope this article acts as a guide for you when things look bleak. Steve Jobs believed things always work out, and so should you.

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