The Most Profitable Skills In OSRS game

Old School RuneScape is a type of MMORPG where having a lot of gold is never a bad thing. Old School RuneScape gold, or OSRS gold, enables you to trainyour skills and buy weapons, armours, food, and other in-game items.

Basically, everything in the game would require you to spend gold. If you wish to become a RuneScape billionaire, and perhaps make real money from this game when you sell OSRS gold that you’ve earned, then this guide about the most profitable skills in OSRS should be very useful to you.

We’ve identified the best skills that you should focus on if you want to earn the most amount of gold fast.


Since OSRS is a type of game with a medieval background, smithing is a good skill to focus on. It can be quite profitable too once you’ve reached certain Smithing levels and of course, we also have to thank the addition of the Blast Furnace.

With the Blast Furnace, it is now much cheaper and faster to smelt bars. There are currently 15 Blast Furnace worlds that you can visit and use.

At Level 50 Smithing, you’ll be able to work with mithril bars, these can earn you about 600,000 OSRS gold per hour. And at level 85 Smithing, you can start working on Runite bars, which can double the earnings you have with mithril bars at around 1,250,000 OSRS GP per hour.

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If you enjoy defeating monsters and OSRS bosses, then combat is a great skill to master and make money from. There are dozens of monsters you can slay in OSRS that can earn you a good amount of OSRS gold. Some of the most famous ones include the skeletal wyverns, Demonic Gorillas, Revenants, Vorkath, Zulrah, gargoyles, and brutal black dragons.


Another profitable OSRS skill is Runecrafting. It’s been known for quite some time now how this skill can make you a lot of money. The most profitable runes to craft in Old School RuneScape are Astral Runes, Nature Runes, and Wrath Runes. Among the three, Wrath Runes can get you the most profit at 1,600,000 million OSRS gold per hour.

It’s also proven that once you get to level 99 Runecrafting, you can easily earn millions of OSRS gold an hour.

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Real-life thieves can earn millions of dollars if they pull off a great heist. The same thing can be said in Old School RuneScape. The best thing about this skill is it’s very straightforward and does not require any special knowledge to pull off.

You have the option to steal from Master Farmers at level 38 Thieving and that can earn you a good amount of OSRS gold early on. You can earn around 400,000 gold per hour from this.

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Or you can strive to get to level 70 Thieving as fast as you can so you can pickpocket Paladins in East Ardougne and earn a good sum of OSRS GP per hour.

Our final advice here would be to focus first on the OSRS money-making skill that you enjoy the most. This way it’ll be easier for you to focus since making OSRS gold will require much of your time and patience as you’ll be doing repetitive tasks often.

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