17 best tools for digital marketers in 2022

Tools for digital marketing strategies appear and evolve fast. As a result, we can find new success stories related to some new and unexpected approaches. You may find, literally, any application, cloud service, or program for your marketing job. It will help you promote products and web pages, communicate with interested people, ask your audience questions, and make your website popular. Below, we will share the 17 best digital marketing assistants that simultaneously make your workflow highly effective and easy. So keep on reading and choose your favs!


Writing copies to any source starts with a proper analysis. It is ideal for media monitoring. Search keywords and observe all the relevant brand mentions across the web and social media in real-time. The tool possesses data from millions of web sources, including Facebook and Twitter. Thus, you will never miss a significant reference to your entrepreneurship. Send the collected highlights and corrections to the outsourced work. If you consider anyone to write my paper, trust your content to the best specialists.

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Another tool deals with targeting. It was designed to help marketers retarget customer groups. This platform allows you to create audiences based on the links people click – even if those links don’t belong to you! In addition, statistics and controls are available to monitor performance and make necessary improvements. Customize Social Media Preview Thumbnails. Choice and call to action features.


E-mail marketing is a vivid tool of the entire strategy with the drag-and-drop e-mail editor, suitable interface, and strong branding. Besides, it is a leader in e-mail marketing software (EMS) and is incredibly spread among thousands of companies that operate in various business branches. Its history started in 2001. With a consistent operation and improvement, it turned into one of the most popular e-mail marketing platforms.


Another representative of making a successful e-mail strategy is Coresender. Messages may go to spam folders and be forgotten or deleted there. It is not messages only but marketing budgets that disappear that way! With that tool, marketers can ensure that their marketing and transactional e-mails are delivered to the right inboxes. With Coresender, your letters will always be enjoyed!

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Ahrefs is trusted by SEO specialists worldwide, collecting and aggregating data across all networks. The system visualizes ane obtained information and displays it. See it available in a straightforward interface and, optimize search query keywords, increase the number of quality links to the site. You can also generate advertising campaigns and implement the principles of a general SEO strategy. The result will not make you wait. You to significantly increase the rankings for your organic search traffic.


It is an out-of-box platform for bloggers who deal with outreach activities. The tool has tools you need to set up and run any e-mail campaign, link building, digital PR, marketing, or even sales. Responsa’s intuitive interface guides you through every step of creating and running your outreach campaigns and tracks your performance and the status of your conversations with each potential client. You will never miss the opportunity of direct communication with your audience with Respona!


Some Artificial Intelligence to optimize your content? Yes, please! Frase simplifies the lives of many marketers and PR specialists. Receive bright features for content analysis and raise your business. You can also contact Top Writing Reviews to evaluate the state of your content. In addition, Frase joins you with third parties and authors. Thus, it ensures proper and effective communication and understanding.

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Do you want to understand your clients? Smartlook is a web and mobile analytics platform. Learn the clients’ behavior trends better with it. For example, it suggests recording user sessions and provides marketers with multilayer heat maps. Thus, the owner of an online store may check what tabs or products are the most popular and which should be improved. Then, assign the task to the designers to improve the page.


Do you want to get the opinion and expectations of your customers and potential clients?

SurveyMonkey is a platform for marketers worldwide to collect feedback, ask questions, and create interactive quizzes. Launch fast and intuitive surveys. Use the previously added templates to simplify the job. Then, he may give the task to any service from the Rated by Students list. They will include all the needed information in the content. Analyze the created diagrams and report to make your business thrive.

Better Proposals

If you’ve ever come to closing a deal, you have needed the skill to write down business proposals. Writing those is a consistent job that may last a long time and requires much effort to include all the essential information. However, at that moment, no one knows if you get the new client or not. Better Proposals allows you quickly complete, submit, and manage stunning web business proposals.

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Run Facebook, Microsoft, and Google campaign more effectively than before. Indeed, Adzooma may compete with Facebook Ads because it extends the features of native platforms to a new level. Make your business an enormous online player with Adzoom.


It allows you to create automated workflows. Make your employees happy and connect two or more applications they use daily in the same place. Stop them from the constant switching tabs or programs. Task automation is the mechanism that genuinely works! Create the workflow of your dream, as it should be with the constructor.


Let’s turn to the approaches to selling. First, if you have a limited offer that does not worth a separate e-commerce store, you might need a landing page. Next, provide potential clients with an accurate description of what you offer, show feedback from others, and price. Those are indispensable if you want to promote your products and services. Alternatively, you can set up a form to ask for the contact information of a potential client. Thus, you start gaining leads. That and other options are in this landing page tool. As a result, you can boost conversions and retention. The routine and the tedious job became easy and intuitive with Landingi.

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Do you have hesitations and a desire to resolve uncertainty? It usually comes to entrepreneurs when they seek how to improve their business. Why don’t you ask your customers with a quiz, survey, o poll? Youengage promotes interactive content among marketers and their viewers. With the simple editor, develop and launch various campaigns. You will see a rise in the quality of interaction on your website. The main gift is you can do everything with no code skills. Readers need to interact with you. Give them this great opportunity!


LiveWebinar corresponds to the needs of modern businesses which work remotely or people who promote their products and courses online. When many go online, and there is the only possibility to reveal their knowledge over the video connection, any company owner can use this webinar tool. Arrange and invite people for video conferences, online meetings, and virtual summits. Besides, customize unique signs of branding for your team or panel. Make viewers recognize you! For webinars that generate leads or brand awareness that require a lot more than talking in front of the camera, LiveWebinar is the perfect solution. With that assistant, you boost the communications between you and your audience to an entirely new level!


Do you want to attract new people to read your blog or buy your service? Woorise offers you a convenient way to do that! Lead generation is now as simple as possible. Perform your tasks by applying interactive engagement tools. The added LP builder arranges questionnaires with existing templates and encourages readers to sign up or buy. Make your brand and services more recognizable than ever before.


Last but not least, there are apps for graphic design. What would the world of marketing look like without unique and catching images? It is hard to imagine, indeed. Of course, an artist may use Photoshop. But what if you have no time to learn it? Crello becomes your superpower, then. It operates on many internal sets of tools, added elements, and filters.


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