Top 15 Apps And Services To Boost Your IQ

You can use your smartphone not only for communication and entertainment. It can become a reliable tool for developing your brain and acquiring new knowledge. And all these are thanks to some applications that train memory, concentration, and theability to quickly calculate complex examples. Different chess apps and puzzles perfectly stimulate your brain to develop. You’ve got at least 15 apps to boost your IQ without tedious cramming.


The brain is lazy, it should be constantly loaded with intellectual tasks. The Boostmind app provides such “food”. The program contains a whole set of games that help train your attention, thinking, and memory. It is noteworthy that all results are stored, and this allows you to track progress. You can play independently or enter into competition with other players. There is paid content .


If you want to train your memory, attention, and intelligence, install the free version of NeuroNation. The app has a scientific basis. After testing your abilities, the service will offer a personal training program of 60 exercises. The app allows you to track your progress and points out weaknesses.

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Play and train your brain with the Peak app. As you progress from simple tasks to more challenging ones, pump up your memory and attention. For example, in advanced level games, negative numbers and numbers in the form of dots appear in ascending order of numbers.


A good workout for brain, memory, and attention. After filling out a short survey, you can begin a daily 15-minute workout. Usually, these tasks involve looking for small details, memorizing pictures, and solving examples.

Brain App

Not a bad service for developing intelligence, memory, thinking, logic, attention, and even creativity. The arsenal of the program includes about 100 games in which you need to decipher anagrams, remember the positions of fragments, find a pair of details, and much more. By devoting only 5 minutes a day, you can achieve remarkable results without straining.


If you want to challenge your brain, Lumosity is just the thing. The app has earned a good image because neuroscientists had a hand in its creation.

BrainExer 2.0

Laconic and functional application for the development of intelligence. To move to a more difficult level, you need to work your brain and get pass points. In the mini-games, you usually need to find a missing number or count the number of matches in the pictures.


With the service, you can develop intelligence, memory, mathematical abilities and pump yourself up in school subjects (history, geography, etc). In one of the 14 games, you can be invited, for example, to find the countries on the world map. Uplift has a great bonus: you can compare your results with other users.

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There are more than 400 levels of memory and logic games in this application. Memorado is great for relaxing and restarting your brain after studying: there are four meditative exercises in the service.


If you want to kill two birds with one stone (increase your IQ and improve your language), then Elevate is a good way to do it. In addition to basic tasks aimed at developing brain activity, the app has simulators for developing English speech and vocabulary.

Games for the Brain

Games for the Brain offers you to satisfy your curiosity with the help of puzzles. You can train your brain with well-known games (checkers, chess, Bomb Squad, Sudoku, puzzles), and with less known ones (“Crime Scene”, “Martian Money”, “How to Crack Nuts”). You can develop speed typing and speed-reading skills at the site.

Brain Training

At first glance, a simple service can make you “rack your brain” to match words, colors, or numbers. By doing even 5 minutes a day, you can develop intelligence, attention, and thinking speed.

Da Vinci Riddles

Increase your erudition with the unique riddles of this app. If you like variety and unusual tasks, enter and solve puzzles in history, art, logic, mathematics, and technology. If it’s difficult to solve the puzzle, use the hints.

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Einstein’s Brain Training

The app itself is a mind game, curated by an animated version of the great physicist. Unlike other services, Einstein allows you to pump your IQ with a bias toward mathematical ability.


An assistant app that combines several memorization techniques. Everyone will be able to find the right one for themselves. The program works without Internet access. So you can train your brain anywhere and anytime.

Summing Up

To find out which app is best for you, check your IQ first. This will make it clearer at what level you can start. It is very useful to train your brain and develop yourself because whoever has knowledge — has power. Erudite people always have a personal opinion and more opportunities for a successful career. In addition, the mind is now in fashion. Now you know how to increase your iq and be in the trend!


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